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Alison, thank you for your ministry. You've made a really big impact on me and a lot of my friends. I've been reading John 17 in contemplating on it quite a bit. And Jesus prayer for unity for his disciples and for the church of the future, us. In my experience, I've seen that the church does not experience that kind of unity, either in that communal sense or individual sense. And I was wondering if you agreed with that why you would say that was. Well, the unity that exists in the body of Christ, Allergan 17 is a real unity. It's not an ecumenical unity, it's a familial unity. That our union with Christ unites us with all who are in Christ. The privilege then of bearing testimony to that has to be worked out, first of all, in individual local fellowships. So that a local fellowship will have the opportunity to learn to bear one another's burdens to put up with one another to tolerate one another. In the same way that children in a nuclear family have to do the same thing. And the mystery of it is that, for example, there are people here now, as I said earlier, from Kazakhstan from Egypt from Brazil from Scotland from England from Ireland from all over the place, we don't know one another, and yet we are united in the gospel. We don't have to we don't have to give up anything to express our partnership and so on. But if your question is, why can't it be far more like that before the watching world, then sure? Yeah, we should be making more endeavors in order to make clear that things that may distinguish as of a secondary importance should be sublimated under our unity in the gospel. That kind of unity that whitfield made much of as he came through the states because the people that were back in England were criticizing him for some of the places that he was preaching. He was stepping beyond the boundaries. And dallam were in his two volumes on what field makes the point that what was happening there was that whitfield was establishing without really understanding it, the essence of evangelical unity, that it is a unity that actually exists. Should we do better at showing it to the world definitely? But all of the ecumenical attempts at unity are just flim flying because without the essential union with Christ, all the other things that you can do, really don't account for anything at all. You don't have anybody to help the middle here, camera, no. You just stand there, you should maybe ask your question, listen. So. Many years ago, you did a lecture on doctor Martin Lloyd Jones. And you said that Martin Lloyd Jones didn't know if he had ever truly preached. One of

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