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The dam's nick rank of its newsradio seven forty ktrh all the new league discovered in the historic battleship texas in lepore the operators of the ship say that the latest leaks about aid feet from the ship centerline it comes three months after the vintage battleship closed down for repairs and refurbishments crews are working to find the exact source of the leak and come up with a solution to fix it in the meantime operators say the ship remains open to the public ktrh news time four owed three puerto rico bracing for impact from cat five hurricane maria winds of one hundred seventy five miles an hour authorities saying that that could be the most powerful hurricane to hit that island in a century or thunderstorms going to hit between nine a m and five so here's a positive today's of that will hit mostly during the day but they are neither this qatar power of hurricane maria is simply frightening that's abc news senior meteorologist rob marciano the texans will be back on the road this sunday to face an old familiar nemesis super bowl champion new orleans heard new england patriots coach bill o'brien pleased with the progress verkey quarterback to shot watson so far more reps he gets you know the game wraps obviously but the practice reps you know he'll get the bulk of the first team reps now and i just think just based on that alone in his film study and learning from weektoweek he'll get better and better kick off from foxborough twelve noon sunday the astros meanwhile look at a chase down the cleveland indians for the best record the a al used at hosting this guy white sox last night amid obeyed parked alex bragman gave the astor's the lead in the fourth in left center field pretty well running across the dell monaco head there steve sparks on the call the astra's went on to win that one three.

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