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Yeah but you deserved it truecar good point car i was i had tension evas are p might know what that stands for but what does it mean for invoice list price dealer price confusing everybody well now we have true price just like the name says it is the true price but you actually pay from truecar clues fees excess re's before you get to the dealership you see what others paid for the car you want look at the scatter gram lock in a price you know that's a price for an actual vehicle on truecar certified dealers lot and both all those dealers are competing for your attention for your business it's you know it's a competitive price certified dealers set that true price competitively so they win your business so you get to see fees excess re's everything what you pay you know the price you're gonna pay you know the car the car's there and it's competitively priced when you're ready to buy new or use just visit truecar and you'll enjoy that confident much more confident car buy experience again it's competitive it's locked in to the actual vehicle new or used some features not available in all states yeah so your mom was probably a little more active and my mom is a little more passive what you're going to get is more of it as an adult when i'm gonna get is just standard procedure which is kind of nothingness yeah yeah i had my dad said something about a year in change ago which i it was it was interesting it's kind of nice it was also kind of telling it just went.

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