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Of gives credence to a of the organ theory. And what have you when you're over stimulated especially bhai like electrical impulses and sounds and lights and everything that we're constantly over stimulated by unless you're one of those people that unplugged for up teeth amounts of time but i don't see how that's even feasible in this in this society more like you're either looking at a screen or you're doing an order with technology or something depending on what job you have but it's yeah. It almost seems next to impossible to unplug. Unless you do the matrix inescapable with my favorite thing about camping man. Like i like at least once or twice a year. And that's usually when i like to. You know kind of reset my brain if you will to use the term something like that and i have no reception where i am so my phone goes into my fucking bag and just stays there and the one thing that ever comes out for is for me to play like spotify playlist or something that i have downloaded so we have music in the background. And even that's not at a super loud. It's quiet and we're just sitting being in the moment it's like you sit and watch a fire you just sit and watch waves. And that's all you're looking at like okay. Drops talk to nature you. Even without the use suggestions. But but i mean it's it's it's noticeable. You know what. I mean the fact that it has on you of just fucking completely unplugging for a little while you're like wow that was more off tony percent. Yeah no if you can't then you are horribly addicted to your device by by twelve step standards can't fucking function without it. You are addicted hund- percento so throughout the years. There are many wars amongst various empires due to the underground movements of people that want abdel-amir in sophy back in place so it's educating when i was researching this i never realize that. The kinda hated the la- mirian's and then people were like we need that. Revolutionary style ethics back in our in thought in psychic abilities. We need to connect as one major for man fucking lyra's west coast rappers and fucking atlanta's these coast not just to the west side. Does yeah there was. Wars led to vast destruction as a last resort the warning empires aside to attack the opponent's crystal temples which were responsible remaining remaining two frozen layers of water about fifteen thousand to thirty thousand feet above the ground which protected the people on earth from the harmful sun's rays and also ensured a stable weather pattern all times which sounds fucking hardcore..

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