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Experiences total experience of all getting here side. There you go. Now. Another troubling trend, According to Doctor S. Scott is the positivity rate in the county's schools being reported at a higher rate in the community. There also testing a lot, too, By the way, Yeah, the middle school positivity rate is the highest sitting at 27%, meaning if they Go out and test 100 kids 27 of them would come back positive. That's the theory behind it now has got strongly is encouraging parents to keep their kids at home to learn, and if you can do it virtually, he says, please do so. Austin Public Health said it would be rolling out vaccine registration portals for all who qualified as Scott hopes people continue to do what they can You know, to help flatten the curve again, they say. Still trying to flatten that curtain. Remember that? I really imagine that very few of those elementary school age kids or middle school age kids already actually getting sick actually having symptoms, But they are testing positive. So yeah, there. Yeah, I guess I'm wrong. I you know, I've been saying that it's not spreading through, but apparently it's spreading through more than Then I realized so doing what they got to do, but well, considering how close kids get together and extracurricular activities and things like that, and you know all around town. I'm surprised it's not spreading Mauritz. It's also they're not being hospitalized, either, You know, but but now they got it is sending them home where they should be on anything. Yes, it's home where they're getting it. I imagine it is it home where they're getting it, or it's extra career curricular activity says you said. Uh, it's doubtful that it tapping because they're sitting in the classroom in the desk. The Chronicle has a story about a big church concert from last Saturday. I think it was last Saturday recently, though, and I don't know a couple 100. Maybe 23 400 people showed up to this outdoor concerts and all packed together around the stage. The chronicles pretty critical of that said nobody wearing a mask. It's kind of it was a church concert, right that came to town. Well, people are still getting together. People doesn't mean you go to some restaurants around town. People are getting together and keeping their distance. Of course people are are just about fed up there just about fed up his forest. Not being able to go. Not feeling like they can go anywhere. And frankly, I'm still kind of surprised It had a lot of people who when you ask him how you doing Well, we're just still hunkering down. That amazes me. What kind of don't think that they can go and go outside and go anywhere. You're listening to the best of Todd and don on NewsRadio. K O B. J right now you're listening to the best of the Todd and don show But stay with us. We're live coming up at 5 30, A news radio K LBJ, Sunny and breezy for today are high today. 66. It'll be clear tonight And although at 37 from the Weather Center, I'm Steve Williams. This segment, Rupp. Fast WiFi. You.

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