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If you've heard any talk or follow up, talk just about the surface itself at MetLife Stadium. I mean, apparently, the players We're making comments before the game even started about how sticky the surface was, and it was new. It had only been played on once previous to yesterday. So any talk from the league or what do you hearing about the surface itself and whether or not it's deemed just hazardous? Yeah. I mean, all services have to be cleared by the NFL Army Amoco P ay by church experts on all doubts, So I'm sure what you'll get today and I'm going to ask, but I'm sure we'll get today is that it was clear knew this fine. I have heard that though I don't think the 40 Niners are crazy, it seems Maybe it was a weird coincidence that it all happened, But then I also have to plan it next week, too, right? That's the thing, so I'll be curious to see what they do or what they can do. I mean, there are people who You know, there are people who do this for a living and take great pride in making sure that tutor to safe those people need to make sure that this week But I don't think they're crazy, because I mean, that's one thing that teams of said it like you checked to be careful. Wow. Ian Wrap board is our voice you hear and man he's busy this morning on the phones because of all the injuries, Certainly with the 40 Niners alone, But around the league to you follow Ian on Twitter at rap sheet, Watch him on the NFL network. Just a quick around the league here. I mean, it wasn't just the 40 Niners. I mean, obviously, say Quan Barclay, who the Niners play this Sunday, he goes down. I guess it's sort of a two part question. The two premier running backs Sick one Barkley and Christian McCaffrey for NFL fans out there. What's the story on both those guys? S O sake one based on the manual test in the initial diagnosis of this tornado CCL, which would knock him out for the season. Getting an M arrived this morning. I have not talked to anyone who has any hope on that one. I mean, you sure you never know. But I feel like this one. They probably know so this, you know that's going to be a bad outcome on sake one and it's just, you know, one of the best players in football. Also a great guy, not necessarily matters. But Just socks in these Guys who are really good People get hurt something. Take one. Being out for the season is his brutal. Um, The Capri didn't seem that bad, and it's only talked to him last night. Seems like he thought it was going to be okay. Um You know, he tried to play through it a little bit, too. Um, it's a foot slash ankles. I think they got to check out a couple of different things. But I don't believe that one. It's too seriously. Only thing is Nation, the position he plays. Um they have to be careful and you might aggravate me. Same thing with like, still blends e still blends. He's not going to play for 2 to 4 weeks, not because the injuries impossible play on their story enduring it. Yeah, man, So a Zafar is the night of playing this Sunday against sake when I'm looking at the giant's depth charge, Dion Lewis is the backup running back. He went 10 carries 20 yards yesterday against the Bears. That ain't much you reported on your Twitter that they might fly and Devante Freeman, one of Kyle's old gas, He's there now. Yes, Devante Freeman is visiting with the giant. You know, he's held a similar to Gigi on so I didn't want to play for the minimum he's had all the money probably will get some You know, rather than the minimum But You know, it's never gonna be what he wants. He turned on four million in the Seahawks. He's never going to get that. But he does have a chance to get to know your carriage. And you know if your divorce agreement and you want to resurrect your career This is a pretty good place to do it with a chance for a lot of cares, man. So much to go on with the nine. There's so much about sake wanted Christian, but just a word on the on the on last night. I know it. Burn the midnight oil if you guys back east, But man Oh, man that I think maybe we should have two Seahawks and Patriots play every week. What I am good. As much as the Niners fans don't like the Seahawks. Those two uniforms get on the field, and you're going to get something historic. And and And maybe as Bigas, Russ, I mean already. I feel like two weeks in. I feel like everybody wants to give us the M v P because you know he's Never gotten a vote on that whole deal, and he looks amazing. But Manny and from your perspective when you talk to people around the league, it must be Maura about Cam than Russ. Even Yeah, I'm feeling that to like, actually two games. I think we're like that yesterday, so everyone from my camp because it's like wait. Everyone has the chance to Sinan. Why don't we sign it like there's a lot of that, like we signed this guy instead of lamb, like, why don't we do that? And there was, you know medical questions, and it was cold and there's all those These things that I think at the time made a lot of sense. And now you're kind of like Well, what if we actually where we actually afraid of because he looks great. And, of course, the Patriots who everyone's like, Oh, maybe they're tanking. Not so tanking. There was really good. The other one, I would say that's like that is just in her, But you know the one thing they always win. Yeah. Herbert took over two minutes. Notice you looked great. Probably should have one. Um, the physical tools were there, but mostly didn't look too big for him..

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