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All, but joining garnish we'll take enter number one, Johnny go ahead of Mason, foster and Rony hottest end to thought sports, but could be a manual Brenton on bake number ninety as and they're so we're running back and forth, but I that we have ashes making his way up past my new Brenton into third spot there. So Johnny Garner's ahead of Mason foster and to turn number five and, of course, we have a manual Brenton all over the back of Raleigh, Johnny, garnish Chris is opened up a of a gap at the top of the field as the risk the fatal time going doing a really good job here at the moment, just extending lead, as he goes through ton. Number one, I can tell you go on this probably running be looking over showed it will be very happy with that. We almost saw move for third quite that didn't quite work out. Anyway. I knew Brenton looked up Rony hottest. Yup. Good spa. And it wouldn't didn't quite pay off that time. There is still a long race ago. We still got knowing laps to go in this one and Gonesse, pulling the y out from all main focus for the time being is this battle for third place loving the likes of Brinton, as you said, just heading up towards the final at the moment for the second time and gone. Well, he had a gap of seven tenths of a second could almost be doubled as he comes across the line. And let's get the exempt what is called a bit carried away varies. One second back to Mason. Foster Bennett is Clayton Edmonds. Emmanuel Brinton Josh Spanish, they're running Harris Klay. Charlie hunting foot Samuel months in Cameron so have been aware. Yes, there was a great battle going on for second spot. They're not thought because it looks like oh places down. That's. Is that Klay? Tonette mess. Brenton dying was a manual Brenton is unfortunate loss that Renton is down and trying to bake we started pulling the pill cards as he started back out the marshalls run Ovar turned number four as catching a lot of writers today. But it looks like he is back into the race across the lake to start the next lap is joining I had of Mason, foster has gone, you. Yes, he has a forty one point nine extended the lead by half a second is went from one second up to one point four seconds, Edmonds Battiston hottest are chasing. Darren Mason foster really hard to try and get seconds before the end of February, or you're spot on. It was a manual burns who went down and not reduces the amount of right now we have in this band. So for what is third place? Because Mason, I is starting to extend a little bit of a camp over that's just under half a second at the moment, then we have Edmonds Spanish stop and Harris, and then there's not really any other Rogers and signed. Get back to Charlie Huntingford as, as that banister trying to go around the outside of days and that as successfully pulled off so into wolves turned number two, that was now just coming through the chicane not was a good move..

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