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Fiorito. Getting to the airport, not really a big deal today, rob. It's once you arrive at midway airport, southwest cancellations, more of them today. They'll be sure to check ahead before you leave the house if you can. Evelyn park fills some delays approaching Jeffree in 79th, a crash at that intersection, so to avoid it, stick with 75th or use stony island along the expressways of Eden's looks great on either side between Lake cook and the junction. Open road on the Kennedy so far, I one 90 is a good trip to back and forth between the Kennedy expressway and the O'Hara terminals along the Eisenhower no issues there just 31 minutes either way between I 90 and the bird interchange. Stevenson slowing a little bit as you make your way in bond at the Dan Ryan ramp, nothing new there. The outbound side of the Stevenson looks good. I 55 nice and clear through will county on both sides between three 55 and I 80 on the Dan Ryan no issues either way. Same story on 57 and the bishop Ford along dusa lakeshore drive, no complaints either way. Tri state tollway fight on the main line in both directions, just keep in mind if you're making your way northbound on two 94, you lose the ramp to the Alpine Stevenson that is shut down for work through the end of the year. The Jane Adams stole away the Reagan, the veterans route three 90 all clear, so it was route 53 in the northwest verbs, southwest suburbs, I 80 is moving along fine. 80 94th through northwest Indiana looks okay, so does 65 and the toll road. Nice and quiet so far on the Chicago skyway from the metro traffic center, your next reported 5 28. He's ready a 105 9. Back to weather forecast for today. Clouds and some sunshine windy and turning milder this afternoon, a high of 42, then tonight thickening clouds

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