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No eighty yeah. Eighty four minutes. That's how many hotdogs eighty four times. How many say it was. Oh my god. I feel like i'm gonna stanford algebra class. No it's not that bad. We got it okay. So let's let's say how many more times thirty four minutes thirty four is that what it was thirty seven or thirty four thirty four all right so two thousand eight hundred fifty six minutes okay. So let's let's divide that by sixty because that's an hour. Oh this is like math. Forty seven hours forty seven hours case. That is a two days basically from eating ten hotdogs. A year right is that sounds a little high. But you know we're going to go with today's today's days of your life and every year that you eat twenty hotdogs it's another two days of no no no that's on let's cumulative that's that's over the forty two years we're talking here. Oh yes oh yes now. Okay now let me do the reverse not to batter it. Here's the reverse. Yeah a serving of peanut. Butter represents a net gain of thirty three minutes. Oh wow so you gain thirty three minutes away for a of peanut butter because it's healthy. It's it's super yeah. I don't know i really fattening. That is good for you in most cases you deem you do need that we do. Need fatty peanut butter. Is i think based on that. I think it all evens out. 'cause it's sugar and carbs get you fat is actually pretty good for you. Yeah they say focus on your about hot does up when you eat. Fish fruits nuts and peanut butter. Yeah okay. I feel like i'm doing weight watchers points right now. Is that what you're doing. Yes basically right. That's how it works like it's weird to think about if you're like fruit and vegetables are free so like when you get really hungry. And you're like dang four points left and they still have to eat dinner and like your choices for dinner with four points is like a piece of chicken at that point. I mean there's not much you can have the weight watchers so you just eat a lot of fruit and vegetables because those free. There's are okinawa. Got it got it. Did you go to weight watchers yeah. I've done that. i've done. Weight watchers works and it totally works. He's basically counting calories. But it makes you just eat healthy and smaller portions fund all right. Hey coming up for you next. I wanna hit you with something. You worked for a long time in a particular medium and i questioned whether that medium is still alive. That's coming up next for. Your momo is in for john seven ten espn. Hey.

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