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And so essentially when they were having can happen. Why dental gets passing the breast milk? And so in terms of logic in historical data. Yes. And Ben still it's better to air. Onside kasha we need to aggregate more data. But the most recent tests that were conducted was actually on higher THC, but Jamaican candidates all the land raises in all the essentially the non hybridize forms of this plant had different ratios of THC CD bird predominantly, it was high see below THC than some some varietals had IOT itchy. But they always had higher CV. But this woman wanted to see what the effects of cannabis consumption was in utera in in for children, and she realized she had to population, whereas socially, and culturally acceptable in Jamaica, the women women, but it was accepted that they were. Drink cannabis t to pregnancy as Queen Victoria took cannabis during pregnancy in well-documented, essentially, she looked at the population of mothers did not drink the cannabis t versus the mothers who did. And which he found was that starting from birth the on cognitive element in other health factors that the the kids whose moms used canvas were vastly more advanced in mission in other. The body factors than those who did not for the moms do not. And she studied the operation for nine years until she called it choosing. She ended the study she's looking at it for nine years, and that for the entire course of that the children remained developmentally superior to the kids whose parents did not have a mom did not have a intake Royds so in. Yes. The if you're vertebrae in your modern game in you really do need can happen with it depends. What we recommend. Obviously. Anytime you take something you should talk with practitioner or goodbye. Specially if kids don't have a notable indicate adenoid deficiency issue earlier issue to talk with your paediatrician or make your choice. But. Of when to as children, we have healthier can admiralty systems as oxidation exposure increases than twenty start to get more and more deficiency as we age, but for historical us all kids were having regular intake of high levels of CD for thousands of years without issue. One caveat would be reading more data onto is if you're taking medication that says don't take with grapefruit. There is limited data showing that it can act like grapefruit. But also another study showed that it did the opposite effect in these digestive enzymes, which is much more in line with how can work in the body or CBS particular key more like a scalpel. It's kinda sing- single direction. Whereas CD is much more. It's adapted adapted gin. And so if you've got overactive immune system will help modulate bring it into balance, or if you have an underactive mean system modulated bring it up in the balance. And so in all likelihood it's doing the same with justed enzymes that being said it's better to err on Santa caution in if you're taking medication says, don't take with grapefruit talk to your doctor first, and what levels you are because CV canned eventually act like grapefruit. That's the only caveat. Oh, awesome. Actually for people with diabetes Bill..

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