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Washington Carly holds the 7th playoff seat in the NFC Philly comes into the matchup sitting in 9th place in the same playoff standings I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports outdate Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com The Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash Let's get you caught up on market action here at 17 past the hour We were talking earlier about the relative weakness in many information technology stock groups not just in the U.S. but in Asia as well particularly in Hong Kong Hank San tech index was down about 1.7% bucking this downtrend though shares in Smith This is the major semiconductor manufacturer Last week we were hearing that the Biden administration was considering additional sanctions on smick now Reuters is reporting the U.S. is still undecided on further restrictions You might recall last year the U.S. did limits mix asset access to American U.S. components that would include a chip design and software to make shares right now in Hong Kong trading higher by about 2.3% Nonetheless hang tsang is down about a half of 1% We've got a BOJ decision later today or indecision perhaps maybe that's a better way of describing it Policymakers in Japan are not expected to make any significant change We've got a weaker yen and a lower nikkei with Nikki two 25 off about Let's call it 9 tenths of 1% On the Chinese mainland Shanghai composite off more than a half of 1% different story though in Seoul where the Cosby is now rising by a tenth of 1% and in Sydney the ASX 200 higher by 7 tenths of 1% We'll take another look at markets in 15 minutes Let's check in on global news at Baxter's in the Bloomberg 9 60 user in San Francisco at one of my friend you bring up a deep philosophical point is no decision really a decision That's right I don't know Okay I'm gonna go indecision.

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