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Well, Billy Joel, That can mean different things at different times in our history, and these days in New York State of mind may not always be Quite so positive. We're talking with Matthew Taylor, who has made a documentary a video about the quality of life in New York City and what he sees as its decline. 18665 Jimbo is our number 1866554626. The previous caller had asked a bit about people being released from Rikers Island. I'm not sure if that happened or if so, under what mayor but Perhaps Matthew Taylor can can tell us Yes. So Mayor de Blasio did release some of the inmates from Rikers Island to try to stem some of the covid outbreaks. And again. This was just another one of those decisions that when you put it together with the bail reform And the state of the city during Covid, and, of course, the George Floyd riots and so on. Um it just it just has made the situation more complicated and more dangerous for its citizens. You know, and that these there are people who are not getting in trouble for, you know, various crimes. And of course, a lot of the shootings are the things that are reported by the New York Post. Primarily book, but assaults are way way way up, and they are not reported. This is actually what is happening all the time people being punched in the face in attack. And people get picked up and just released again. So yes, that is one of those things that did happen in the last year that has just increase the danger level of the city for its citizens. Now, you made reference to the New York mayoral primary a little bit earlier for those who don't know, And I guess most of us probably don't. But that is Tuesday. Tomorrow, the 22nd of June if I'm not mistaken. And that out of that will come. I believe a A Final five. It will be chosen by ranked choice voting, which is to say, a process whereby people vote for Smith as their first choice Jones as their second choice, Uh, Johnson is their third choice and so on down the line, and if nobody gets a majority of the vote, then the The last place finishers votes are transferred to their second choice and so on down the line eventually somebody winds up with, uh, 50%. That is to say a majority. Of the vote in the city, your thoughts about the candidates, and is anybody running on law and order? Well, you know, this is a very complicated mayoral rates. First of all the primary in his very early it is tomorrow. And of course, this is the largest implement patient of ranked choice. Voting among a number of candidates that don't seem to have the typical New York flash and style of our past mayors. Bloomberg the Giuliani's glow Borgias. Um there are a number of people running their 13 people running. Um and so you have a scenario where again New York City is opening up. People are coming out there. Probably not paying as much attention to this election. Uh, as usual, I think the early voting numbers as of a few few days ago was only 64,000 people, which is a incredibly low number of activity and look the last mayoral race. You had 1.2 million people in total vote. At an 8.2 million people. So it's already a low activity race, then de Blasio. I believe one by 764,000 votes or somewhere in that number, so that's not a lot of people who are determining the mayor. For the largest city in America. And so when you take back with the system that people are not familiar with, which is ranked choice voting and with a primary date that has been moved. Of its normal primary date, Um, and an inability proposed hers to really understand how to pull second choices and third choices of choices. You have a very I don't know. The polling polling, I think, is rather thoroughly flummoxed by by rank choice voting, Although I think the process of ranked choice voting has a A pretty good rationale, but try to figure out before people actually cast their votes and plus something else to rank choice. Voting requires people to actually do their homework. I mean, how do I know? I mean, I may prefer Smith, Okay? Do I really know My second choice is Jones for my third choices? Johnson don't really know that. Well, not unless you actually read position papers or or editorial stands on the the candidates. This sort of thing. It requires that voters actually work a bit, and unfortunately, a lot of voters in this country are not prone to, uh, not prone to do that. I gather is de Blasio running for reelection. The Blasio was turned out, so that's what I thought. New Mayor Yes, This is a completely new person. Um, and you know again, these candidates are not that well known with the exception of Andrew Yang, because, of course he ran. President in 2020, so he is the highest profile candidate running but Eric Adams Actually is a former police officer who is running on a crime and safety platform. And if you consider that 3.4 million people are registered, registered to vote, and only 500,000 of them are Republicans and crime is the number one issue. That means crime is the number one issue of law and order is the number one issue among Democrats. And a very liberal city, which is kind of an astounding thing since just a year ago. Quite literally year ago, the city was literally burning due to riots and other you know, events that were happening during the covid pin. You know the pandemic in the lockdown. 18665 Jimbo 1866554626. I gathered from your comments earlier that a number of these candidates despite What I would consider to be common sense. And despite the circumstances we have described a number of them are still running on a and even less law and order than usual platform seriously. Yes, it seems that has broken into two categories. You have the progressive laid dominated by Maya widely. Who you know, wants to defund the police. Um And you know Scott Stringer, who was also in that category with a number of other lesser candidates, and then you have this moderate Democrats name that is running on a A pro police, pro crime prevention, pro charter schools, among other things, and so that is, of course, Eric Adams and Engine Gang are running in those categories. Um, and so that is essentially Two lanes that are that are available. Usually it's it's Democrats and Republicans. But the Republican you know again, it's not a big number, so this is truly a turning point for the city. It's not whether the city will recover. It will recover. The question is, how long will it take to recover? Will you get a mayor in there? Who is strong on these policies that will set the city right? Where you get somebody in there who takes 10 26 the city into a 30 year death spiral before it finally bounces back, And that's the question New Yorkers really should ask themselves. Especially if they live, you know, in the city for a long period of time. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, are number 1866554626. We'll come back. We'll learn how you can get a copy of this is New York. The documentary Matthew Taylor. Our guest 18665. Oh, Jimbo, and we'll be back in just a moment. Research.

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