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The the the libertarian wing sure we get the traditional william kristol a hawkish republican americans for a new century kind of thing and then we get the democratic party splitting in two right even if the right splits into three and the democrats split into two of the biggest constituencies trumpism forty percent of the country well i don't know thirty wine on a bad day it's quite forty but you know i i've thought about that a lot as well we basically already have a yoga the tea party the freedom caucus you'll more establishment republicans your independent and very democratic socialists leaning democrats and more moderate establishment democrats you know so we do have a good you know kind of buffet of options there they all just happened to be under the same two major brand labels republican or democrat it's in the thing is everyone's his trump i can't believe he continues to play to was bases of asia at yet he smart like a fox or crazy looking for whatever they so i think he's just he's desperate to keep that base because without him who says the guy it's like at once there's not a lot there's not a lot of wiggle room if he loses that that is true that's why he see no it's bold he puts on those chips on the say keep splitting in his chips on the same group of people has been able to save horse but it's the horse wedding in question is that the definition of insanity the can continue the same thing the fact of it's proven to be ineffective but that's not the definition i don't know what the definition of insanity you know who came up with the donahue and when i was ka trips if tied stein it isn't to some jerk wrote it in a selfhelp book and people keep up with mali could scare during residential no idea is the equivalent of that but it's the most overuse and they're all their rights yeah and people are always put it is what they do in the engine and they put the quote next einstein make it seems smarter but not it was some lady in 1980 well it's it's very smart i just nailed it so you know it's a very intelligent set norma in san dusky ohio i think there's a.

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