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And hand bones and that shows are ancient evolutionary connections five claws on each of their flippers those are used for scratching themselves and also sometimes for defense now the hind flippers and a harbor seal much bigger than the front ones like an hugely oversized human hand again way bigger with the fingers widely spread and then webs between the fingers they sweep those from side side for their powerful swimming now our harbor seal is the most widespread member of the entire seal family found throughout the north pacific from baja california mexico all the way up to the aleutian islands in the bering sea and then over along the coast of asia russia japan and they're also found over in the atlanta new jersey to arctic canada and northern europe they live mostly near coasts not out on the deep ocean sometimes harbor seals will enter rivers a few of them live permanently enlarge lakes in canada in alaska interestingly the highly adaptable harbor seal also lives around big cities and harbours vancouver san francisco san diego and over in new york city boston and of course in lots of harbors along the coast of british columbia and alaska harbor seals are not migratory some of them do move to seasonal food sources for example salmon streams however studies that were done of seals that were satellite tagged in glacier bay here in southeast alaska found that some of those seals wandered to places several hundred miles away over the course of the year one very adventuresome female poetically named peavy oh seven dash gb for eight left glacier bay in september in the fall swim all the way out to the continental shelf and back again twice then went all the way up the alaska coast to prince william sound where she was located in november and by the following june she was back near glacier bay again that seal wandered about two thousand miles over a period of ten months but most harbor seals stay closer to home and they've got their favorite places where they haul out on shore little islands like the one we're on now rocky reefs secluded beaches and floating glacial ice the popular haul outs have dozens of seals are hundreds like ours right here and sometimes even thousands.

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