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This is Ashley. Mcbride the country singer Ashley McBride. Her album is called. Never will and this song is called Martha divine and Ashley. Mcbride is originally from Arkansas. We covered her last album. Girl going nowhere which was almost exactly two years ago. That was her major label debut. And now. She's back with this follow-up Ashley McBride is one of my favorite country characters who submerged in the past few years. She was a hardworking songwriter. In this town of Nashville for many years before she finally got a chance to make her solo album. But what's been wonderful to watch is who rise and her success in a moment when as we all know women country have had trouble getting on the radio and maybe you know trouble getting through to a mainstream audience Ashley. Mcbride has found that. Audience by relentlessly touring Being so relatable to country fans of all kinds you know she sings these songs that are classic but they're also rock and roll and you know they touch the heart of the heartland. She tells the story songs and on this album. She goes more rock and roll than she ever has before. And this record to me really kind of leans into almost more of a stadium. Rock style. these songs feel feel their pitched bigger and bigger that Martha Divine Song. That we heard is just this absolute anthem. I just will go wherever she takes me. I love this record. I just love the pictures. She Paints her words and stories are. They're just so plain spoken but really really vivid. I could just feel the world's that The people in these songs inhabit Ashley. Mcbride is the singer. Her new album is called. Never will let's go next to nom de open-eye nominee. Okinawa has a new one called Brat..

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