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Over to our Instagram to see behind the scene stories in posts of south by southwest. We're having one of the bands that are featured on this episode taking over Instagram. Posting some stories not gonna say who the band is just keep the suspense alive. So head over to our Instagram are handled at home ground. We're doing a new thing with our takeovers where we are going to compile a little mini episodes. Where we ask bands who are going on the road to just kind of show us what it's like to be a touring artists on the road on their tour in their lives. Having fun doing their shows the challenges they face so head over to our highlights we did one with the band SB GM on their west coast tour, and so we compiled all the stories from their takeover into a highlight. So you can check that out on our Instagram profiled page up next is a song. What it takes by, sir? Era shook and the disarms there from Chapel Hill North Carolina and are currently on the road. They're doing a big tour not just south by south west but continuing on and they'll be on the road until sometime in may. So check out their website in their torts to find out if they're coming to town near you. And here's their song. What it takes? Weaken. Is that wounded? Your sisters. Is that quoted? Is that wounded? Shadow goes, patriot supporters Adriana Martinez. Loose senti Beth maiden of little red terro. Shop actually Ayman kill chips. Michael bacon of mix tape. LGBT? Andy G critical explorers of future societies. If you wanna get a shout out on the podcast head over to our patriot at home ground dot com slash patriot. We've got shark Muffin who are homegrown veterans..

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