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Why Not Partner with eighteen years like I'm just thinking businesswise now arnold eighteen t t mobile or something like that, and there's like five bucks a month you guys get unlimited streaming on your device. Awesome. They made that you can fold in so many other brands with them to be breaking the money twenty. Now, thinking twenty bucks a month, you get the device you get, you know the eighteenth streaming package plus game pass. I mean that right? There sounds like it's a good deal on both sides. I think we'll be, smart. Arkansas Felicity he spector your big Fan. The idea that works out really well for. One percent. Oh. Yeah. Well, the thing I really liked about this when I heard about, it was like, okay look have the xbox in the living room, but I'll have the sticks in the bedroom in this room in that room. Like I really WANNA finishes. Or something like that. I'll just take it to the bedroom benched it up and go to bed they be really cool. Right my here, academia fans you guys you're in luck you're GONNA have a new video game coming to the Iowa's an android. It's called my hero academia ultra impact named. This is going to be using GOTCHA is model. So John, familiar with the term gotcha. Okay Yeah It's it's a Japanese origin, but really sounds close to our Gotcha and it is pretty closed because it uses loop boxes and Michael transactions at to keep the thing going and a lot of times you'll notice a lot of the fans at the John Mara notice everything has a star rating like Oh, this character has a five star rating, which is really good or this one. The three really sucks, and you always try to get those five star when because they have a little bit better stats. So it's really becoming popular. Are you familiar with any gave uses the star ratings you Kinda you can buy packages to unlock them. I'm thinking of a overwatch. I don't think it changes the rallies at all. Yeah. So this is like if the characters had had eagle by characters boxes..

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