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We knew this was coming. And isn't I said this on the C. G. Game Cast I kind of felt like blizzard? Or Jeff Kaplan them Trolled the fans a little bit everybody expecting echo to be support they drop her and she is straight DPS straight DP s Surprise you know what I mean. Nobody's thought I'd come in. I don't know if you guys have had a chance to watching the game play. But she is a monster. She's and if you guys you guys have seen other new heroes drop. They usually come out pretty broken so clearly. Like seeking get halfway across the map like she. She is a hard counter to like Faira. Like right up in her face faira like down like she's she was crazy. Her old is nuts. She she turns into like the closest person to her. And then my build super energy or supercharge superfast then can do it in them and then when that the adver targets killed. She's back to her normal self. It's crazy Yet sorry go ahead go ahead. Oh yeah no yeah. It was a very pleasant surprise. I mean my my first thought I think pretty much everybody was disfiguring. She play may be something similar to like a mercy or somebody like that Just seen seen the drop though. I'm excited I'm excited. Because frankly ice stink at supports and especially areas support I'm glad that I can play her. And maybe have a chance to beat okay with her. Instead of being in the class they stick it. I've she looks. She looks like a lot of fun. Yeah Dude she's like a Uber Progressives Than Yada Yada as my mame Can I am a support Support Tank But so saw to- for me. I was disappointed to see that she was DPS. Here's the thing about it though. Especially within a role queue up to you now have a way disproportionate amount of EPS compared to tanks and and support. So we're talking about rolling pools right so at one point in time they had to support to tank That were out. You are very limited in who you can choose within that pool now if you you cut off to people from that Things so disproportionate as far as the the amount. And that's why I wrote. Everyone was really thinking that it was going to be a support hero. 'cause they need more heroes in those classes now jeff went and had replied and a one on one thing And he had said that you know they've got they've tanks and and supports in the work that they already had planned out. The question becomes though. Are you going to see any more new heroes overwatch one or is everything now? Can we just expect to wait? And then everything comes over when they come out with a overwatch to at some point in time this year. Yeah Oh man. That's a good question you know that they historically have not released new heroes that often usually Laos some time in between so my I guess would be that we wouldn't until overwatch to But maybe a maybe given that imbalance. We might see them. Sneak one more in quicker than we usually would see. That's what I'm hoping for. Sorry I hope you. I hope you are correct about that because Yeah they it's not frequent. I think it's like every three three six months. They drop a new hero or something like that Has Been I think So it's like yeah. We'll see overwatch to you though but yeah this. I mean the the hero though like I want to play with her I'm I'M GONNA re bringing the. Pt Are just so. I can play with her at. She's overpowered. Although she has been nerve some I have. I've seen something I haven't checked it out and seeing what the nerves are but we all knew. This has come and she came in broke him. That's typically how it is But it's always exciting to get new heroes and just to see some of the possibilities counter wise like I mean. She was in forest face and she was melting her. And I'll just get paid tastic to see now you don't have to worry. I worry about HIV scan. May maybe not being able to be a very good hip scan and take out a fair from You know up in the sky. Now you've got an echo that can fly up there and say how and it's a wrap it made. It made it made pharmacy pointless right by the way. Don't tell Jin about her new rival in overwatch here so I'm just saying I'm just saying I haven't heard voice. Oh No I did. I did Is in the. Yeah if you had a chance either on youtube you can find the cinematic the Her origin story. And then there is a You know her Intro stuff and whatnot so I think it's definitely and then obviously Gameplay video so I definitely think something worth checking out and Seemed but it's exciting to get this new hero that always changes the dynamic of the game so exciting times for Overwatch. Definitely any no Ryan. We've we've seen a lot of the pro. Sports Leagues take a hiatus just due to the corona virus but locally. We had one of our hometown. Sports teams here Kennedy Something Fun and so the Vegas Golden Knights. Our hockey team had a livestream where they had somebody from Their broadcast team. I believe I'm remember that correctly Play as the nights on. Nhl And broadcasted over twitch and Ryan. I don't know if you caught the entire match but it was fun. I thought that was a very cool idea. We've seen some other sports teams do something similar and I think it's a good way to interact with fans and kind of draw new fans at the same time. Yeah and again. We talked about this a little bit. beforehand before everything started Or starting at like at the beginning of it popping off was at this is also a time where people can get kind of innovative and creative with the you know using some of the digital technology so I thought it was really cool to see that they you know they they have this twitch page. Hey why not? We see why. Not Simulate The game that we were supposed to play Today you know this is you know again. This is is really this? This is for the fans you know what I'm saying. They know that the fans are missing it. And they're they're figuring out different ways to continue to entertain the fans to be able to connect with the community that they're building I think you know especially with The Golden Knights. I have such a connection to community with them coming in their inaugural year and one. October happening You know it's they are forever connected to this community in. This community feels strongly about this team and I love the fact that they knowledge this and they feel the same way and they do these kinds of things It's super exciting to see that they had a pre game For They I mean they did it like straight up like like the fans were there Including a warm up video teaser. Starting lineup introductions television timeout entertainment and unique intermission entertainment. Like whoever did this and set this up. I'm I'm clapping planning to. Whoever was the project manager whoever the producer executive producer on this something like this? That is awesome. That is creative. I WanNa see more things like this definitely. It was really nice to see them go. Hey we're going to do this. We're GONNA do it all out we're going to give you close to that arena experience as we possibly can and like you were saying they had they all the bells and whistles hype video the pre-game Starting lineups all that good stuff. It Super Fun to watch it was it was fun to see the Go in and yeah did. This is a perfect example of how you can take an organization that might not be an e sports organization at first but merged with video games and create something special while love to that the city of Las Vegas is in these companies and teams and things like that are also investing in this digital and gaming video gaming future They feel like a lot of people you know. Understand what the potential for. It is how it's connecting people. How people are using it to socialize and stay connected to build communities I love seeing these stories. I love seeing people embracing the technology more and more and being able to push the envelope on what you can do. 'cause then that's GonNa make other people say oh. That was awesome. Let's try to do something like that. But you know. Make it better or whatever this is that's innovation. That's innovation right there. You know so I feel like this can be you know again. I'm very much. Try to be a silver linings Type of person and You know I feel like This is a time where you know you can kind of see a little bit of a or you can see a boom in innovation Due to you know forced restrictions That we're all complying to And we're just trying to now say all right. What are other ways? Let me let me expand myself. I can continue Doing what I'm trying to do. So these are these are also crazy crazy times crazy. Times is yeah you know. And as we've seen all the sports leagues obviously have to be put on hold. There is one league that really has thrown down the gauntlet of the probably the most Progressive Sports League when it comes to sports and that is NASCAR and I don't know how many people watch Jim but NASCAR broadcast on F s one their. Ira Seen League on Sunday. And they gave it much like the nights did the full blown treatments in a full-blown broadcast treatment and they had their drivers involved in competing in it. And I mean every I watched I watched it. It was fun all the reaction. I've read about it. They're fans were loving it Ryan. This is the biggest example of a sports league putting the foot forward and go. Hey you know what let's see how does and I thought they did amazing. You're absolutely correct. I feel like they're one the first to make major investment into building a community into taking a community that they already have and saying. Hey here's his other offshoot. We know that you guys also enjoy playing video games and whatnot. Let's basically build this league where we get the best racing gamers you know what I mean and we both from. They're not only. Are you getting like simulated training for actual NASCAR drivers or people that have that kind of interest like to me? You know they they are doing everything right as far as what this you're one hundred percent correct. They they put on the woke. The the works They put on a show You know it. It's fun to see and we talked to We had the interview Here in earlier episode When you're out here in the East sports arena. And just to see that now like this. Is You know again? This is one of those opportunities whereas like Oh my goodness I mean you know no one could have ever imagined things coming to this point but they already have the infrastructure and they have already been doing this stuff. This is business as usual for them. And they're going to be now is a good opportunity for them to get new and and different eyeballs To take a look and see what they're doing so this is awesome for them. It is and you know I think what makes it special like you were mentioning that. It goes both ways so obviously the gamers are going to love washing. I racing but it also provides a track a potential track toward them becoming a NASCAR driver down the road like you mentioned. We talked to William Byron. That's the path he took. He started as an eraser only to become and work his way up toward NASCAR. And you're seeing. The drivers could not only compete the own team so they have a vested interest in this league and all of a sudden when you have all that interest coming from your sport's biggest names and you're developing new stars. I mean they've they've set this up to be a sustained sustainable and something that can just keep on going. Yeah it yeah. It's fantastic. I mean again. These are these are the stories. These are the things that I love seeing especially with this. You know again. Nascar is huge and them recognizing this early building an infrastructure for it You know creating I mean it's such a yeah like you're saying there so you know it's also entertaining for fans is entertaining for gamers and they're also basically building out an academy. Almost of you know. Hey here's here's the starting point. Now you can get into a real car or this. Has the potential for you to be actually able to go out and race in a NASCAR You know and and NASCAR events it. That's brilliant. That is absolutely brilliant. What they've done and and I love to see I love to see that. His it's succeeding and And for them to continue growing on on the opportunities that come their way it is. You know I talked to one executive from Nascar who basically said this you can be really good at madden but you're not going to be appro. Nfl player you can be a really good I racer and that can lead you to a professional NASCAR career. That just blows my mind and how they've set this up as facts. Those are all facts. That's crazy man. That is awesome is it is and you know. I'm excited to see where they go from here. You know like you were saying forced innovation I am. I'm a super pump to see how this evolves it grows. I know that they've got some some plans down the in the works. Maybe some of those plans get accelerated now because of this Hopefully they do. Hopefully we get to see some more and I.

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