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The meeting and let's see let's see what we can do with it sitting. In frederick i'm the guy who liked the slow version of my bed by drew hill and it was not the remix not not So how at this level now gotta ask at this level. How do artists handle rejection at at this level of year career people. That know that you're connected to the label. I'm not asking for shouldn't stories. I'm just saying that you know by this point in the mid ninety s. There's definitely a more hostile dial environment especially with the uprising of hip hop in in where it's come to where you know it's about dollars and cents in the popularity of you know. Are you allowed to express. I'm feeling this video or not and you know been you're somewhere at dinner in l. a. m. and you have to see an executive and how come you plan like how could because you were so that period in the mid to mid ninety two the early arts like how did you handle the juggling act of artists and executives egos so two things one is at mtv. We always try to find a place for something. Even if it was just one spin on on mtv on your mtv wraps the weekend version right. We always try to find a place for something that was that was that was that was our mantra that was our mindset. Like someone's gonna love is a an alternative rock could get a play on on one hundred twenty minutes so people understood. We're always trying to find something. That's one two is that i found. It was advantageous to establish very early. That this is a long game. I know i plan on being around for a while so we. We're not going to have this conversation. We're gonna this conversation but we're not going to lose our relationship over one song because you're gonna come back again and you know. Let's do this dance for a long term. Because there's sometimes i'm going to be able to do stuff the way you want it and other times we're not going to not going to so i think i think everybody i think so you saying that. They knew not to bite the hand that feeds them by. I don't see. I don't i don't think i i don't see it that way. Because it's not a matter of biting the hand like what. What could they do not give us the videos or we were especially then. There was still a lot of music being played on mtv and so it just didn't make it didn't make an account remember came. It came someone's ego had to get shattered. That was that big. I mean at some point Like you had been around. I mean okay. Let's take okay. You weren't you. Were going by the time forever. Came out when when when they're puppies forever album come out he nine nine. I want to say know what came which forever have a that was no no but i mean we have a story stout so is there a good steve stoute story. Well steve stoute story..

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