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Then the now because this is there is this is just needs to raise more taxes because there are high enough in the city already to pay for the attorneys to fight this i just i just gave sulaiman waste of time and the city can be pigheaded strongheaded bullheaded vacated how would you say stubborn i well so again i am totally four read reducing the consumption of high fructose syrup you know coca cola and for that matter diet coke call it's always been my complaint on this diet where all the long terms studies have shown that diet sodas worse yeah i call it cancer case in the end so if you're gonna go down this path label the diet sodas and and on both of them say something along the lines of this consuming this drink may well contribute to type 2 diabetes your percentage chance of of types to diabetes increases dramatically consuming this drink things like that you can put on there and you can get away with that legally so do it and then don't end this whole focus on just the sugary drinks is ridiculous diet drinks will give you cancer and the word again that longterm french study that was over a decade long sixty five thousand ina in type 2 diabetes was higher in those drinking diet soda than those drinking the sugary soda yet so if you're i it it all the way around do just off base if you only focused on sugar is what we're all going to tackle one thing at a time yeah no you're tackling sodas so label all of them then almost as using step via or lokondo or something else that that doesn't have all those prompt just say dave just saying why are you not arguing with that tape suddenly quiet doesn't have an opinion how did that happen no with.

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