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Armani Rex. Yeah money rocks, Tenet or whatever it'll come to me listen. They've done a good job of of You know putting them out there and Gingham as much Manny Rivera that's what I was thinking of They've done a good job of putting them out there and giving them exposure on their own and stuff So I'm not worried about that. What I am worried about though is you know if he were designed with. Top rank right away. That the is it negated by the fact that FA just sign like does he get lost in the conversation of you know people trying to pit PBC versus top rank top ranked versus golden what like do does that conversation outweigh the significance going to PBC you know they're all good places I think though in all honesty, top rank would. Work best in the sense that they would give him that diet they would handle him with. Kid gloves, per se. I. Don't think he needs that but I do think he needs some more development look the guy was a super heavyweight in the amateurs and he does have an incredible amateur career. The thing about super heavyweights those they never have to make weight. You know he's come in his highest to eighty nine guys in the pros. Okay. And that's a starch difference from two, Forty, eight to forty seven just three years ago. So so this is a guy who you. Know, he weighed two seventy eight in his last fight against a Renzo Smith. He way to eighty nine in the fight before that, which was in June of Two Thousand Nineteen Against Rehman coaching. I don't know how to say that into seventy-five against Mike Bissett like these. Those were all in in two thousand nineteen and to seventy-three. Those were four fights yet in two thousand nineteen and not once did he come under the to seventy limit not limit to seventy eight so I'm not saying he's lazy because he's clearly not he's built fight. He's got what I've heard an engine. He punches hard throughout all rounds from what I've heard like he's a guy who is built to fight and built to last but much better he be if he were to treat it not like he's GonNa hit a certain weight but in a sense like, yeah, I wanNA come in at a certain point. He's already a big guy. You know he doesn't need those twenty extra pounds to be a big guy. You know and if you WANNA do that in a specific fight against the guy who you're, you know you're giving up sized to okay. Fine. Strategically, he needs to put him in better condition we found we found out soon I mean. So I, mean real quick about you know being body beautiful in this sport shirt at all really matter you know what it does matter is putting in the work in the gym. Are you putting in the rounds? Are you put in the work? Not Everybody's GonNa have you know that? Golden Ratio V-SHAPE and looking like my man's Aj Kudos to him. You know for the genetics but not everybody's built like that and this kid like you said, he moves he has an engine. He really does and he does punch hard throughout all the rounds. You know I see them spar up to like eight rounds probably which rare. Rare. Heap heavyweight division people don't punch hard like they get tired. Nor normal you know what I mean so. So you know it's a damn I forgot what the Heck I. I'm so sorry my bad. Just I wanted to make that point like people could say, Oh, you put your heart throughout the but like you don't understand how big a leg that is up and by the way that's one of the first things that anyone told me about him Yo sparred this kid and he was punch justice hard the first as he was in the eight like no slow down even if he's tired, he still hitting you with the same force I've heard he's got very some. Very sneaky power and the sense that. There are. Doesn't seem to throw like he doesn't seem to put everything in a paunch and he still lands it really hard. He still putting you know guys on Queer Street. So I think that at the end of the day when you look at his body of work right now, the totality of seventeen fights twelve Cao's that's very impressive. You know but he has so much of a ceiling and upside that at this point we don't need you to. Fight this big name to get your credibility. We don't need these. Big Names Top ten, top twelve, fifteen in the division yet. Because he's already had so much media exposure. You know what I mean like Philly knows this kid let me tell you one of the biggest things to happen to his career. Okay. He was on the Philly Card when they did the Dallas versus Philadelphia stuff and that was during the eagles Dammit, when was it was during the Eagles cowboys game, right? It was that Sunday and that Saturday or Friday they held a card, right? It was a Broadway boxing not Broadway it was one of those cards in the East Coast Anyway all the fighters philly versus like yo they got so much exposure I fans of Dallas cowboys talking to me about I'm like you don't even know this dude is like, what are you talking about all these talk down on Dallas like man shot you know but but that's what I'm saying is like they dave used marketing tools to their best ability and that's where my heat with Jay was coming in and I'm Jay but rock nation as a whole. Because they dropped the ball. So many times where the lights were on this kid you know even a Dez Bryant re tweeted dermontti rocks. TWI- tweets. When they were talking down on Dallas like this kid had so much going for him and at the end of the day. He still has a very high ceiling. So he's got to land in the right spot. And and and again look like I, said, I'm more worried about you know put it in the work in the gym. So that when he's given this opportunity and or opportunity comes by he's ready for it I don't know I don't know it would be really really nice man I mean I think ness. What Time When when, what are we talking about what? Are we gonNA have somebody in the camp come on. For Damani. No no no. No. I know the. Money and his father then not interview people. Yea. Well you know the invitation is open Mr Demonte rock. You know you're welcome here. And you know remember when Akita had his first press conference in the white chocolate over that zone. You remember that you remember that you know he kinda messed up a little bit. He was up there podlike everybody started cheering him man look this community is boxing community. It's it's it's a lot tighter than people think and sometimes the press is giving a A bad look at the end of the day just trying to report men and never trying to put anybody in an uncomfortable situation or or put them in a situation where we're GONNA ask them uncomfortable questions. So you know just putting that out there champions. But yes. Still Excited Forum I think that you know. One of Phillies hidden little gems what I'm saying the sport of Boxing I. If you could get them in better shape Mario, you're gonNA have a straight monster..

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