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Radio station. Morning, you 6 30 Tuesday morning, and you're either waking up to a heck of a lot of snow or mainly rain. Good Tuesday morning here in Boston 34 degrees in the precipitation still coming down to the city and beyond. Thanks for being with us. I'm Jeff Brown. And here's what's happening. This storm might be winding winding down, but it's not over. Yet. He's two of our storm here today is kind of just a wet mix of some rain and then some wet snow until some colder air starts toe wrap around the storm, and it goes over to snow shower. Center tonight. We do have another storm brewing through later in the upcoming weekend. WBZ AKI Weather meteorologist Dean DeVore and snow totals are all over the map. Your most reliable news source for severe weather coverage is WBZ Storm Center. Take Wilmington, For example, nearly 2 Ft of snow. 16 miles away in Cambridge, just a couple of inches. All this and punks, a tawny Phil is about to go to work its ground Hog day in Gobbler's Knob, Pennsylvania. Here on the roadways. Tough sledding. WBC's James RoHaas is out on the roads this morning and he joins us now live with an update morning, James. Good morning, So I'm in Maynard, where the snow clumps continue to fall down and actually picked up a bit over the past 20 minutes or so. The sidewalks here filled with a white fluffy stuff is Plough's push the snow off the streets. Now, though, the main roads are looking good over here, snowplow drivers haven't been able to get to many of the residential side streets just yet. Ran into Patrick over here.

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