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Back on track thority of friends of mark cormon mark brown treasurer i'm eric harley and i'm gary mcnamara where the red eye radio guys check us out overnight here at one am on the big talker twelve fifty w tma now here's more of wtmj's garden clinic john kicking up the good music uhhuh all right hey it's the garden going back to the phones five five six twelve fifty five five six one two five zero bill let's growing on guys william you number eight foot bottle brush about felix ago you bought one yeah we got a planet at about three weeks ago and it's not looking into good the well the leaves are starting to fall off get it and no about three weeks ago you got cold a few times i mean not not cold enough to do that but if it was grown in a real warm you know plays and you brought it here i mean it kind of shocked a little bit i bought it at a nursery about three or four miles up up the road and knowing doll but were they grow in that planet that nursery or did it just show up on a truck the night before from floor and then we've been looking at it for a few weeks out there so i mean you probably had a frost where you were in los angeles a lot of people do but i mean it got the coldest it got here was about forty.

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