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Gordon gurr hood the senate could vote this week on its tax reform plan and if it passes it will have to go to conference committee to be reconciled with the house bill republican senator rob portman says the gop tax plan will cut taxes get devils they state or deduction up to twenty four grand for a family it devils the child tax credit it actually in it lowers the the rates of the point that in ohio the average has twenty three hundred seventy five bucks for the median income family portman appearing earlier today on nbc's meet the press many republicans are confident they can get a final tax measure to president trump by christmas as he has requested under increasing pressure from both sides of the aisle michigan congressman john conyers says he will step aside as the top democrat on the judiciary committee pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment the decision marks a reversal from last week when conyers turn and he said the eighty eight yearold would not resign from the committee conyers has denied allegations his office paid twenty seven thousand dollars to settle a wrongful dismissal claim from a former staffer who had accused him of sexual harassment minority leader nancy pelosi who earlier had called for due process it said we must ensure congress has a climate of dignity and respect with zero tolerance conyers says he looks forward to vindication by the house ethics committee capitol hill correspondent wally hindes reporting or at least a year the fbi had evidence that russian hackers were trying to break into the personal g mala counts of scores of us officials yet the fbi failed to notify nearly all the officials i'll be attempts to breach their email associated press finds and even senior policymakers it not discovered that they were targets until the ap told them about the results of a two month investigation more on these stories a town hall dot com new research shows that the raw bacteria.

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