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Here you are says our galveston well she's been lying right down the line wasn't they did you give me this cloud on the head and grabbed the evidence and run i didn't need you iran but i didn't hit you and i didn't take last guy next thing she'll say there wasn't any flash mrs magazine that dr well wolf let me go well here doing here have you ever done this afternoon was designed is he decided to come down and see me after my physical public should think feelers is dishonest who came to visit you this afternoon wasn't it misses magazine i i don't have anything to do with mr saunders zane i wasn't calling and i was calling clay you told me earlier you said that you didn't know him as a magazine was all right so what if it was mr came this afternoon as he has many afternoons what you're trying to get at restore saunders he and fellow james to saunders his friend and agent happens in one was making a fool of the artist i told him that's what i was talking about this afternoon i didn't want to know k would never have come back hi miss this on suggested one of you to murder the keeney woman the whiskey plows can feel is apartment this is mr wolf not a joke museu woman was not met in the night found in buddy poisons nice highs in lankans fast whereas is working in his room and the garrison but she was stabbed through i is an alcoholic so on does mangin that and i checked with the manager john but how does that prove that was poisoned in the flask that she was poisoned aggie minute repeating description of the dead okay there was no blood fantastic wiping the blood away and now description of the body and his landman i mentioned the fact that her eyes were wide open the pupils dilated hey dilated pupils blood and already made me wonder about the entire affair when you add in the lady special about dilated pupils in there that is a common symptom pizon said considerable tokens but what was the point of stabbing the job however killer later used leather nice police inhabiting for god's sake don't believe i think you're guessing mr wolf i can say is that i was at the pool in the.

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