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And so finally had a music John Rao of my own. I thought save some time Gina's Dolly Parton was. That was many patches, whatever, revolver and soul. Not in the decade. And it was put out. Parents probably had hard day's night. And maybe we got a I think for me be like beach boys, endless summer may have been first one. But I also would by George Carlin, trans anytime hood. But it was a big deal. Buying records. A big ticket item to save up down there. Also yet to really make a choice like you weren't going to get this one that one. And now you're gonna get one, and it better work better be worth your six dollars or whatever. It was totally. At actually the whole process was that much more satisfying because you would listen to the whole Oun. There was a whole four play to it. Like riding your bike to the licorice. Pizza music plaster and thumbing through try, narrowing it down kind of which one was squeeze the trigger on. But we always. And then you get the record you play the record whatever it is. And you read all the stuff on the back of the record. Oh, yes. Leave out. Okay. You know, you know, who produced the record where it was recorded at who the engineer was, you know, if it's a rock band like every players every thing, and I think that's kind of that's gone. We just started getting vinyl at our at our house again. So I'm replenishing vinyl and might my girls couple years ago when we first started doing this. I saw them like we put on a record, and they would look sleeve, and and look at all this stuff like how come nobody knows where this record was recorded like you because you're listening stuff on Spotify. Right. Yeah. Half a song. Move onto another song. Looking at the helm. Covers. I always great. They'll hire players were always great amazing. Do. Right checks always had hot chicks on their covers or back when we didn't have the internet porn, or whatever you have to go to high players and check out a few of their own cover. When they. And then. Right. But they always had hot chicks on their kind of two live crew the seventies. Oh, right. Right. Hot black mamas dumping Honey on Nubia, queens, put that fire out and everything you remember the story, you're we're the same age Honey bean port. There's there's a siren in the song. Right. Yeah. And the story was that she got burned by the by that hot, Honey. And that was actual I heard attack by fire ants. Her that pump accounta- Honey from rod Stewart's belly because. In. Every player's Lor..

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