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I think it's going to happen but it could take some real time to get this done of all the people we talked to on this one person was saying they think a couple of months it'll be done somebody else said gee that seems aggressive it's you know it's really trying to threaten needle here to get everybody's desires met checking politically in order to get the deal done and then we'll keep you know you've got to get shareholders and boards at both companies to sign off boards are probably not a problem since choas going has a has a lot of influence there is the chairman but the the shareholders structure a deal that that meets their desires as well david watch thank you so much for joining me david welsh detroit bureau chief for bloomberg news talking about the formal marriage of nissan and renault they've had a relationship for two decades or more than that and the governments are both of the respective companies are both involved in them so it might make it a little bit difficult but as david said it is nearly sure thing just to bring you up to speed on markets right now we are looking at accelerating gains in the initial hour and a half little more than that of trading in the us nasdaq actually gaining the most leading the charge with nearly one and a half percent gains or more than one hundred points interesting to see sort of the rebound today after a minor not minor the worst performance for fang stocks on record that said amazon shares are continuing to experience declines down nearly a percent after president trump's earlier tweets right now let's head to.

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