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More at months dot org and the Doris Duke charitable foundation whose building bridges program works with U. S. Muslims to increase mutual understanding and well being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger more inclusive communities from NPR and WBEZ Chicago this is wait wait don't tell ME the NPR news quiz I'm bill Kurtis we're playing this week with Amy Dickinson Alonzo Boden and Joel Kim booster and here again is your host from the chase bank auditorium of the mind Peter Sagal thank you we'll just let it go down your door with a battering rhyme in our listener Limerick challenge if you like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait wait that's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four all right panel some more questions for you from the week's news Jole if you're afraid of public speaking you can now practice with your what your phone not quite another to your camp your fear your camera phone your new I mean you might as well practice speaking to her because she's already your Lexus exactly your last week this is literally the same problem I had the last time I was on the show it took nearly seven guesses to get to Alexa you guys are ruining me you are digitally this is an attack you're trying to make my relationship with my Alexa more difficult for me at home you're coming into my home now Peter and you were making it difficult for me to interact with my looks because she knows that I got this question wrong and I'm gonna have to deal with this later do you know that the last thirty seconds you said Alexis seven times seven times people listening to this show it stopped whether Alexa waited to be told what to do Alexa devices will soon be able to act as public speaking coaches you can practice famous speeches to the device and we'll give you helpful feedback like I'm sorry I didn't get that and okay ordering for spores and seven beers to go remember if you have stage fright just picture Alexa in her underwear Alexa sucks as a speaker herself so I don't want her coaching other people do you know she listens to you constantly so she just heard that Amy well that's what I was going to say if Alexis listening to you all the time anyway I mean how you practicing public speaking you think she's not criticizing you you think she hasn't had a great laugh what's your read about everything you've had to say do you think you think she's not call in okay Google like and then the idiot said oh yeah all I'm so worried that I'd be too inspiring to the Alexa actually you know I I worry that I would be sort of like we're recite one of Dr king's famous speeches and then date all rise up against us yeah that would be a danger Alonso to help out to during the coronavirus crisis residents of Belgium have been asked to double their what chocolate production close they're not going to produce this they're going to consume it aha French fries exactly right to get up to speak more French fries at which point Americans said it's possible to eat water click technically they've been asked to double the amount of fries they eat every week so to help out with this potato glut that is threatening the whole agricultural food system of that country Belgium is asking each of its citizens to eat double their normal freaked in tech the thing is of course when you tell a European to double their fry and take that takes them all the way up to like a Wendy's medium for look at Belgium just showing off with their health care we don't have heart attacks the puck down those fries when your heart stops will cover you Jole the delivery service door dash has a new feature now when you order food from one of your favorite restaurants they will also provide you with what our gloves and a mask no they the I'll give you a hint they don't require you to have a green screen they don't require background of that your food for your favorite restaurant and they give you the the background of the interior of the restaurant exactly right they give you a fake version of the restaurant that you can put behind you and you do assume call because sure you can order a McDonald's delivered to your house now but it's just not the same if you can't look over to yellow table covered in smeared ketchup and now you can download virtual backgrounds of your favorite chain restaurants you can go on soon with your friends and feel like you're actually in a cracker barrel and to give you that really in a restaurant feel will bring a couple to have a really unpleasant fight at the next table who would do that who would who would put that on there background well they have like a sixteen year old hostess who's going to be rude to me because that's really why I go out this is great because when you go to Taco Bell the first thing you think is I wish I could live here you know all of this is really making me crave those chicken dots I'm just.

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