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This is Robert. Ross with Kirk cars that matter welcome back for another episode. I've got a very interesting guest. Today Patrick G Kelly Patrick Welcome more Lori today. I'm doing great. I like to say I'm living large living the life as we all are in some kind of curious of solitary confinement, as it were some more solitary than others gives us an opportunity to reflect on things that are more intimate, and some of those intimate things are in fact, automobile concept art. They were going to talk to you about today. It's funny Patrick. Most of the folks that I've spoken to on our podcast are that I've known for some time, but in this case I feel like I'm making a new friend today just precisely the kind of thing that our listeners to feel that they're making new friends when they tune in and. And meet someone for the first time, so it's a great pleasure to have you here. Likewise European APP. Does California down here in Los? Angeles and we seem to be doing a pretty good job of remotely connecting and I guess that's once again a connection through cars this time on concourse field or at a racetrack, but virtually on zoom video, and looking at some great pictures of some absolutely amazing things which are the substance of your collection. Let's Talk About Your Book Patrick. It's called imagine automobile concept cars from the nineteen thirties to the nineteen eighties and I guess it was just published by Dalton Watson Fine Books. Is that right you? Dalton Watson Fantastic folks. Got Windows my collection. They did nothing but stellar work on very timely manner. The junk right on awesome people I..

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