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Support and help people cope through it and it is a priority of this of our league and of art of our team especially to You know To value that Those resources anticipate our players as best as we can. Yeah I mean I don't WanNa get too deep into the Kobe of it. All but that was he. He was really becoming dat sort of elder statesman. So funny because we think of players who they were at their peak so I think of like to me. Obviously Kobe. Shaq was just unbelievable. Time Phil Jackson. Kobe shack late nineties. Two thousand like that. That team was the team but then colby coming back and winning. The back to backs likes years later after shack and one one on his own way. Dwayne Wade that to me was the absolute definition of that. Dude's career as a player. And what he meant the Lakers in the organization on the whole you know and then to think of him at that point you cut it off. And you're like he's that guy who could not be stopped. He's scoring eighty three point. Eighty four points in the game but he was really becoming the elder a great elder statesman and and this just embassador for the League when he had Oscar and all that other stuff. It's a huge hole that cannot be filled. It just is but you know. I think you guys is memory. Lives on and I think you guys are lucky to have a guy like Lebron there who in many ways I see is GonNa be that Guy. I really do feel already. He kind of already is starting to be that right so that guy but he could be that guy I mean I just think it's it it you know if you guys in a terrible situation glad guys have Lebron so so where were you when you found out that you got Lebron. I mean I think I was like everybody else you know just you know Sunday morning and not being able to understand what's being said you know just for the curly Yup. I'm saying go back the year before. Where were you when you heard the news that you had gotten Lebron James at that time? Let's go back to a much happier time because now I mean I know I don't there's no need to needle it but it just it violent. Let's go back to Lebron when you heard the news that he was coming. Because and I mean like and you said you know. We're we're lucky to have Lebron any more. Be Lucky to have he is. He is a leader on and off the court. And what a talent. My Gosh you know when you're in the western conference you don't really appreciate players in the Eastern Conference because we don't see him that much but you know watching Lebron even at practice. He really is in the League of his own but You know hearing that he you know he had met with Magic Johnson and he was very interested in coming and getting the call that he decided that this was the team that he wanted to join Matt. The world to be because It kinda changed people's perception of of our organization and you know trying to get things into a different direction and you know a a lot of people were talking about that. You know low. Broadly Com unless you have these players and plays and l. But He believed in in what magic laid out in front of them which is exactly where how we got to where we are now in terms of the kind of team that we were building and cried offense that we want run it to run and you know so so here we are. You know his vote of confidence kind of let everything else fall and A. How happy are you? That Lavar ball is no longer connected to the. I don't Lavar and in the whole ball family. I you know I appreciate any parent that Is involved really is an and believes and as an advocate for their child is not the way every parent should be and I. I'd got used to that because I when I first got bobbins boards. I promoted tennis events at the forum. The Great Western form and I got to know Richard Williams who is the father of the essence Serena Williams and who later very much believed in the greatness of his daughters even when they were you know twelve thirteen years old he knew that they were going to be a spectacular in. He was right with high lie. Made we're going to start to see the we're going to start to see Lavar ball a lot more with Lamelo. He may be the first or second pick in the draft. You never know you're going to start to see him again. And what type of impact he has on the League but It is it is amazing. What was more difficult last year? Living through having Lebron and not you know Lebron sort of not reaching where he wanted to be. And I'm sure you guys as well or the six years leading up to Lebron you know what I mean. What was harder having Lebron there and not reaching that knowing? Okay if we just have maybe the one more piece. The Anthony Davis piece. We're going to be okay this year in knowing that you get to this place. Was that a difficult year that year. Yeah because I you know. I was anxious to get back into the playoffs and win the play-offs kind of left the pitcher. That was a huge disappointment for me. But it just meant that we have more to do and that we weren't where we needed to be and You know I think also what was distressing You know in that last season before this season was the amount of leaks that were coming out of our and I you know that was a big priority for us to shore up that kind of activity and I. I think we've done a pretty good job getting out of the drama and headlines and just being about the work it feels like when you talk about leaks and things like that. These are issues. I feel like that team didn't have to deal with twenty years ago. Twenty five years ago before twitter before twenty four hour news sources before all that stuff before people could find leverage in the media. Now that really Kinda wasn't a thing I mean. I'm seeing that. Even his documentary about the Bulls in the nineties. It's like I knew Jerry Krause. I knew of that name but I didn't know what was happening between the I didn't know that Jordan would just park his car anywhere in the team. Parking lot just get out. Mock you know what I'm saying. It's different now. You got a camera there. And that's suddenly beamed onto this site onto this blog onto this thing in a way that it wasn't before and I feel like it's probably gotten harder to like run team in a ship now than twenty years ago. Well you know it's it's you know information while wasn't always one hundred percent accurate. The when Steph would leak out and and really be Mike. I don't know who I can trust at. That's terribly undermining or an organization. It's impossible to do business because you don't know who you need to eliminate from the room to get rid of that league and how you know and why. Why is this happening four? Yeah what are they doing it for whether they trying to accomplish and it it it was very disturbing to me and so it's been very refreshing to not have to deal with that this this season you know. It's so interesting because the last the reason why this year was such a great year was that we didn't know what was going to happen. You ask the Lakers. Were on top of the clippers. Were fantastic you could say in the East Toronto Milwaukee Philadelphia could could have had a run there. The heat were playing great. Utah was there were so many great teams wasn't like the last three years when you were just saying to yourself. All right Golden State's GonNa win. You don't WanNa say that at the beginning of fans are saying. I'm sure as an owner. You're not saying that the interesting thing to me is how much layers and teams don't subscribe to that notion like every time a team goes on the court they're like we're GonNa win the Mean that those those Cleveland Lebron Cleveland teams even though they were way undermanned compared to the Golden State Warriors Teams. They're like we're GONNA win. That's what they think in their brain. How isn't that amazing? How athletes kind of have that they put the blinders on in a way that actually I think is good for them. I very sorry that.

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