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Normal take it from there one step one scoop scoop Benetton That's right there was no immediate indication when the trader. Joe's might reopen I'm Bradley Vermont southern California is enduring its second big heat. Wave of this summer but not. All neighborhood temperatures are created equal KPCC's, Kaley wells traveled to the highs and the lows today. L. a.'s heatwaves don't play fair and that's. Not surprising we all. Know the cold Pacific air means cooler summer temperatures near the ocean so I. Started the morning in Malibu. Where it was a beautiful, seventy six degrees. And, most of the people I found on the, beach, where like Gloria Tibbets escaping. Hotter temperatures farther from the coast it's going to. Be about one hundred fifteen in Chatsworth today. And that's supposed to. Be in the, eighties here today Oh it's all of my came out and then, I had it into. The valley towards Chatsworth my car's temperature gauge ticked up as fast as the clock I'm about halfway through the canyon, now the temperatures already. Gone up ten degrees my car says it's eighty seven eighty, eight now eighty. Nine just got on the freeway ninety five degrees and it kept climbing I found, a summer camp with an hills the high there today one hundred seven but their kids were still playing outside park, director Lee Mark says they limit time outside on hot days. But can't stop it altogether it's definitely a warm day But they are kids. And they like to run around but. Can't keep them in all day we have to give them the opportunity to let out some energy l. excessive heat warning. Is in effect until Thursday, night I'm Kelly wells now those warm temperatures might tempt, you head down to the. Beach where it's going to be whole lot. Cooler, do be careful though there is a high surf advisory through tomorrow night I'm Nick Roman..

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