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Here on the case. Seo Dae radio program is I get things rolling in this hour. Ross, would you check the Sherman camp? That's what we're calling our CR Skyline Cam of the city of Atlanta. The Sherman Cam, um, after famous, uh, tourist Um, William, to comes to Sherman. He visited Atlanta. Um Is it on fire yet? Let me check. Not on fire. Not on fire yet. Okay? All right now, why am I wondering if it's on fire? The city of Atlanta Civil Service Board announced that they are reinstating police officer Garrett Rolf. Was Garrett Ralph. Garrett Ralph is the police officer who in the Wendy's parking lot Or I should say the former Wendy's parking lot. They burn that too. The ground right that Wendy's That's what I thought. Ralph in another officer, were Uh, they were interacting with a man by the name of restart Brooks. On body Cam for like 20 minutes. That's really civil normal. Hey, how you doing? Chat, chat chat. Everyone's good. They're administering essentially sobriety test after receiving a phone call from the Wendys. That a man was asleep in the drive through in his car. And it was obstructing obviously, the well the drive through So they show up longer conversation go through all of that. Eventually it's time for a Breathalyzer. At the time he blows a point. He's about 1.5 times the legal limit. Everything's copasetic till they go to put him in cuffs. And in the video, you can see that Brooks is having none of it. Ends up tangling with an officer on the ground is able to get a different officers Taser and as he is Booking it out of there. He turns around with the Taser and fires it. At Ralph, who draw who shoots him. And, um They indicted him for felony murder. He's still faced about what he's still facing all of these charges. Because the prosecutor there in Atlanta is an activist, and he know we needed to do it. The mayor there she was just quoted yesterday is saying that No way they had to do it. Tonto to maintain the security of the city. Well, what you had to do and what you did do according to the review by the Civil Service board there and arguably because the point of a lawsuit that the officers lawyers already filed against the city. Is you through due process out the window, which you can't do. I'm sorry that you're going to have people who are demanding pitchforks and torches. But Because they demand you do something. If it's not constitutionally, you can't do it. So now. Those charges were still there. We predicted immediately on the show after you just were able to see everything that If they they're going to charge him and their stupid for doing it. I didn't realize you were charged with felony murder because you're just delaying the inevitable. And the inevitable is What you're seeing right here. This guy is he's gonna be allowed to go back to work now. You can't put him on the street. There is no there is no way in which Garrett Ralph that police officer Goes back to doing patrol. Because you got a first while you got activist groups that would likely follow this guy around and tell you where he is at all times to somebody recognizes him. It's znachko going to be You're not gonna be able to do that. So how they put him back to work obviously will probably be in a In a different capacity than what he did. But You're already seeing the cracks of the strategy that they used. It didn't even stop the decimation. Remember, I mentioned they burned the Wendy's to the ground, the crime the Wendy's committed by the way. Was an employee, calling the police because someone was passed out in their drive through. Just so we're clear as to why the Wendy's had to be burned. So with that in my eye, don't you The idea that you have a police officer on who is Is good to go for duty, who is also charged by the activist prosecutor. With felony murder. Charge that will never stick. Frankly, I don't know that any of those charges if you again if you watch it. I turned around and people go well, it's a Taser. A Taser used a firearm. Yes, but if you hit the officer with the Taser, they become incapacitated. What a Taser does. And at that point Dude could do whatever he wanted. He may just keep running. He may turn around and kill the police officer. You don't know. So, Yeah. So we'll get you to keep an eye out for that. I don't I don't know. I think they've successfully slow road rolled it a little this week. But once they figure out what they gonna do with Ralph, I'm sure that the Atlanta Journal Constitution will cover it and everyone will lose their crap. So we got that going for us. Um all right. Well, let's That we could stick on the justice trend here. I don't know. I can remember if we did the story initially. Did you hear the story of this? This girl down in Florida? She's 16. Who is accused of rigging. The homecoming queen election. Why you shaking your head? Who cares now? You know not. Who cares that you're doing this story like the story itself. What happened in the story? I can't believe that. Who cares? Uh, very serious. It is. How come come on, man. How dare you? Out. How dare you not understand. Yes, a Florida teenager who allegedly rigged her high school homecoming election facing 16 years in prison after authorities Decided to charge her isn't a new adult. That's what a point out the sheer irony here. So they want to give this girl 16 years? Yes, 16 years She was 16 at the time for rigging the homecoming queen election. Meanwhile,.

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