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You know I want to be in Vaudeville. So Buckled DOWN. I was a grind. And it's not pretty to admit but I was an incredible grind. I worked really hard through grade school and through high school and then also I could get into this really great college. And what do I do when I get into the Great College I stumble under their fewer magazine and get? It's like the line. That Pacino has the Third Godfather get sucked right. Back and getting on the Lampoon Harvard. Totally chain you know. Where was the grind leading? grind was leading to me being an author or statesmen. I'm not even kidding. I go to the Kennedy School I I or you know and I go to law school and I get with credentials and I become a man of great affairs. Whatever that means you know A man of letters or A. I mean I didn't know again. Have I had a very murky sense of what it would be? But was my ego telling me no. You've got to be something big and it needs to be in this legitimate arena. So I ended up getting to go to school. That's like you know. Harvard is the this will? This will prove to everybody that I've made it legitimate. And then the first thing I do when I get there get sucked into the comedy magazine and Inner was still a good student. It's not like I they're again. You didn't get sucked in you. Know I think yeah. Yeah I entered in but the minute I made contact with that place it was. Oh my God where is this? This has been worse this Ben all my life. And you know what it's like when you're been eighteen when you're eighteen and the place is run by twenty one and twenty two year olds. They're adults to you. Yeah the chasm between eighteen a freshman in his senior and those seniors were saying Hey Conan. You're really funny now. As I was blown away I was just like head over heels in love with the building. The people writing stuff all day making really funny people laugh and have them think I was funny and I. That's when I was up and for me. That was that was Improv. That was the Improv. It was I was a little older in twenty three twenty four but it was asked the same thing it was like. Oh price this is why I've been sort of. I mean you know. Brain Chemistry is one reason but this is kind of a a reason. I felt Kinda Shitty for a long time because I wasn't around these people. I wasn't around these like funny here. They are here the people I should have been with the whole time. Yeah it is. I don't know it's all wizard of Oz sort of your on this. It's a cliche but it's so many so many great tropes in so many great films but people wanted journey meeting their friends along the way yen finding them and and and and it can be Robin Hood and it can be Lord of the rings and it can be like by you. Find Your people on the road you pick them up and then you become this merry band. That's what that's what I dreamed about And that's essentially where it sort of started and. When does that become I mean is it? The performing for them does making them let excuse me making them laugh around the that that building which is also too. It's crazy that it's got a fancy old building essentially a fancy. Oh building it's I mean it's one of the things that I'm sure most people hate the lampoon or Harvard in general but It really is magical hogwarts. It's the boards. It's like hogwarts for.

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