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Fire coming up. And there were. Four five pockets of fire just shooting straight up. I'd say eight feet in the air strip mall. Includes the yuppie pawnshop, no injuries reported. The cause remains under investigation check with your airline, if you're planning to fly east over the next couple of days, hurricane Florence may mess up. Your plan south is suspended flights in and out of Charlotte. Starting at midday tomorrow running through Friday night. Komo's turns on reports from seatac more than half dozen airlines like United delta American southwest. They're offering to change tickets to cities to and from the hurricane zone without a fee that includes airports in north and South Carolina Virginia and for some airlines Georgia as well. Now, we talk with travelers headed east this morning. Get there tonight and that'll be fine. But I'm thankful that clerk. I feel terrible for Carolina's terrible for them and the rules for changing your tickets are different for each airline. You're gonna want to contact them directly. And sometimes believe it or not the old fashioned way. Just picking up the phone and calling them is the best way to change that ticket or find out what your situation is. Komo's turns on an investigation into the theft. End crash of a horizon plane last month from seatac airport about to begin komo's Eric Heintz, supportive. Seattle Tuesday authorized spending three hundred twenty five thousand dollars for the investigation. The Tacoma news Tribune reports the results and recommendations are expected to be published in December the empty plane was stolen by horizon. Ground crew member Richard Russell on August tenth airline officials say Russell used a tow vehicle to rotate the park playing one hundred eighty degrees before climbing into the cockpit taxiing and taking flight after staying at flight and performing stunts for more than an hour. The plane crashed on Caltrans island in Puget Sound. Russell was the only casualty Eric Heintz. Komo news. New commercial terminal at Paine field in Everett could lead to more parking for travelers proposed design change comes construction on the new terminal approaches completion propeller Inc. CEO Brett Smith tells the Everett herald enlarging the projects footprint by about fifteen acres would help provide room for about eleven hundred parking stalls. The number of proposed flights has doubled to twenty. Per day. Alaska Airlines Southwest Airlines United have announced plans to operate there. Seattle. Police say prostitution is on the rise. Saw long Aurora avenue north in Seattle. And komo's Joe Moreno says neighbors demanding answers neighbors say it's become a scourge prostitutes strutting down Aurora at all hours of the day. They literally are surrounding the entrance to our business and patrons. That's what they are. Greeted by coming into our parking lot, a bevy of concerns came up during this community meeting. Police say they are pushing prostitutes into services will cracking down on the men who cruiser Aurora looking for them. One suggestion was to do more to crack down on motel operators who looked the other way during sex trafficking transactions. Definitely are hotels on the strip that don't make it any better. At least say the big challenge is building cases against him who tend to keep their criminal activity in the shadows. Police say though, they are working on it and police have started uniformed patrols undercover stings in a diversion program for prostitutes nine ten to the sports desk. The Mariners playoff hopes we're already fainted best. And then they lost to the Padres last night. Two to one dropping them eight and a half behind Oakland for the second wildcard spot with eighteen games remaining for the Mariners Seattle closes out the brief two-game set with San Diego this afternoon at three forty the Seattle storm can clinch their third WNBA title tonight to visit the Washington mystics Seattle's to nothing lead in the best of five finals series. Seahawks will be at Chicago for a Monday night matchup with the bears. Coach Pete Carroll says there were some things to like despite Sunday's loss to Denver. It also things that need to be fixed. So what we look at it. In a word we need to go to to make sure we get back on track. So that we can finish right? And and play better. So that we can get out ahead, and we gave up a couple of big plays in this game on defensive. We'll just terrible force in touchdowns that were really were just mistakes. And so that's easily cleaned up. The bears are favored by three and the Pac twelve conference opener for the huskies Saturday night in Salt Lake City against Utah. Will have the kickoff show a two.

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