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What all the boys smoking these days. And here's your host, Ty Hildenbrand hey, what do you say tie? How are the fellas looking? Are they gonna give the pretty boys from Southern Cal run for the money, Wham, bam. Slam couple, go Irish. Are you done yet? Yeah, I'm done. Do a very convincing like nineteen twenties voice. Thank you. Thank you. Notre Dame. My beloved fighting Irish. They went nine three. A year ago they did. I put a lot of thought into my Notre Dame preview this year. I jotted down my notes at four thirty in the morning. I couldn't sleep because we were in the process of preparing for this show and Notre Dame was on the docket. It woke me up early. I had to get up ahead of capture my thoughts. There is objectively a lot to like about this. Notre Dame football team this season by Mike, how we got fifteen started back from your ago, nine of which on defense. If you listen to this show on the regular Dan, you know, we've been talking about the defense since sometime in June theft. Markley. The new defensive coordinator was one of my pivotal people If I don't don't pay. pay the twenty thousand season, the very good at linebacker with Dave on Coney really good in the secondary with guys like Julian love. So really good about where they're going to come in with the back half that defense to things that normally don't go together is Notre Dame and a good secondary. But I think they have it again, so it hurts to lose Mike Elko and all that. But the defense is still going to be really good for sure. Most of my questions are going to be an offense. Did you see that one coming Dan? I yeah, I guess I did time. Yeah, I'm right there with ya. The offense loses Josh Adams to the NFL. They lose Dion MacIntosh, got booted from the team. So there are questions at running back. They lose equity, Mia, St. Brown who left early and Kevin Stephenson. He also got booted off the team back January, and you know, we talked a lot about the q. last year and I was big tall freak of Netflix and all that, but Stephenson was actually their most consistent deep threat. And he led the team in receiving touchdowns trope. And then on top of all that Quinton Nelson, Mike mcglinchey, too high profile offense of lime in they go in the top of the NFL draft. Notre Dame's crude really well on the line. They're going to be fine, but that's, that's. That's a lot to lose. Right. That's a lot. Oh yeah. I mean, they've developed really well along the line, but they lose their offensive line coach end up seeing the NFL. Yeah. So different guy, their schedules actually. I mean, we're calling this late July and this is something we do every year. We say not him schedule's, not too bad than we get to the end of the season like, wow, that was that was rough, but in looking at it and late July, I'm going to keep that up because yes, Michigan should be tough, but that's in south bend, yes, the the one to going to San Diego to play navy and then going to northwestern and then Florida state. That's pretty tough going to USC before it ever reason. It just doesn't stack the way previous is scheduled, and this is the kind of schedule you build for yourself back in the old days of like NCWA fourteen, yeah, I know a good year to travel to Virginia Tech. Granted, it's after it's a body blow game after Stanford, but I, I don't love the Stanford defense. You wanna have that aim minus schedule so you can be a contender, but you wanna space it out. So the tough games aren't all back to back. Jerry Tillery is a member of the immortal Kvant tarpons. Yeah, because I believe Cherrie Tillery was on this defensive line when we started the show two thousand eight, Jerry Tillery name..

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