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Oh god i just wanna go by the number eight. Microcosm is number eight or sunny side. Which is my new show yeah. My character's name is garrett. Mody modena's my real last name yeah mood and you're getting to use it which you normally yeah and i also thought my the parents would be pleased and my dad was a fire worries. Snap people will be confused like nobody's going to be confused. Dad look mindy uses. Her first name like people use their first names is on shows. Rheinfelden seinfeld used his last name. Yeah you're not seinfeld. Mike okay fine so very good point but still so the reason i named him garrett and i think we're probably gonna find sound like the last episode of the first season. The back story is that when his and his sister's name is mallory. You've <hes> you find out that when his parents moved to america <hes> they loved watching television. They loved the facts of life. They thought that mrs garrett was such a hard working woman and as an immigrant they're like this. Mrs garrod is the reason we watched the facts excellent life then they started watching different strokes and mrs garrett is also on different strokes and they were like mind blown this the artist working american yeah our first burns son has to be named cleaning half of america's house yes and then mallory because of family ties that followed 'cause mallory was also very studious and hardworking and so i wanted to like i mean now i'm talking about. It's not quite so quiet but like i wanted to do a quiet hat tip to that conversation that has no right answer sir well. I bet by giving them both the everyone will be mad. I don't you could think of it as a hack. It's like it's both and i remembered this. This all goes back to the selo comment that went back to u._c._l._a. I don't often read my act. Mentions on twitter grants pass not somebody did slide into my calling me a sell out because i'm playing a guy named garrett in a new n._b._c. Show made me think of these. The indian kids at u._c._l._a. And i was like i mean i laughed. I sent it to my co-creator. <hes> matt murray and i was like hey man is totally took the bait <hes> ah on that show moses also and loved him on the so happy to see that he he's hilarious. He does this crazy easy thing on the carpet where he's posing. I think it was his first. T._c._i.'s it's such a weird pose coach yeah during those like riding the today found on getty images that you can buy a photo of the weird pose for five hundred dollars five hundred dollars and i hope somebody buys we identify. What network is that n._b._c. n._b._c. Okay mike mike. Mike sure is involved with what is the premise of it. Premise is <hes> i play a guy named gary moody <hes> disgraced new york city councilman who who is kicked out of city council because he is wasted and tries to bribe a cop pukes on a cop car in the new york city and realizes he gets kicked out of office that he has no other job skills else. He was the youngest ever elected new york city. Councilman doesn't know what to do. Puts an ad on airbnb experiences for fifty bucks an hour. I'll do whatever you want oh. This group of immigrants hires him for a day to help them study for the citizenship test. Oh <hes> obviously they know way more about what it means to be american and that he he does because citizens tasked. I've seen are ninety eight percent of a matinee born americans yeah i mean i don't know much but so essentially it's a group of friends right. It's it's like the shows. I grew up loving watching like fresh princeton seinfeld and friends in a class back in the day right. We're going for like that kind of vibe so it's about a group of friends and with that being the backdrop open and honest on this show. I will say that auditioned for it. Oh you remember yes so the variant and it is so funny it is it is it's going to be great. Were you auditioning to play cal's system. Okay yeah i can see that the mallory family ties murari and yeah so you know. It's funny is about the whole thing. Monica is expressively will never do the accent claims time she can't do the accent and i'm like well. You could learn the accent they'll do for money. Learn it. You could learn to you but the real like the sophie's choice really happened for her. Which was mindy was doing a show and accent required. It's about people that are newly emigrated yeah and so i said to monaco. I'm like god what is fucking with you right now. It's it's the most tempting opportunity and it's like. I'll teach you. I know it from without a paddle. Ah the double double will somebody and somebody would find look. She sounds exactly with a paddle. Some it's like she has an indian accent and michigan acts. Yes seeing thing but it's called sunnyside. It's on what day on n._b._c. thursday nights at nine thirty but i just want to say i can't leave here without saying that you know kind of at the height of your superpower's. You're you know you're midway through doing the franchise of harold and kumar in your house which by the way is the only medical show i ever loved his show. I watched. I loved it. You're great on the show and then you bounce yeah you go to work at the white house <hes> <hes> tell me how you got to that point. It sounds super random. It's far less random him then. I think it sounds in two thousand seven when i was on house. There was a writers strike so the w._g. A had a labor dispute and we couldn't shoot anymore episodes after the ones that were written were gone and right around that time was when all of the primaries were kicking off iowa caucus kick off the primary season. I had read. I think obama had one book out at the time. I don't think the second dropped but i liked his book. I did not like politicians and i had no interest in actually working for one <hes> <music>. <hes> an olivia wilde knocked on my trailer door one day before we wrap for the strike and she said hey. I've got a plus one to an obama like event that he's doing. Do you wanna come like well. What is it i saw two thousand and four speech thought it was awesome. I would love to appear in but i like what's the catch so it's for about fifty artists and he's basically going to make an ask to see who can help him in the lead up to the iowa caucus because he's running for president is again honor. I don't have an interest in that sick. Why not you were against the iraq. Doc war like yeah. Both parties got us into the iraq war but obama was against the iraq war. I'm like okay but he wasn't a sitting senator at the time so this went back and fourth. I'll alternately went with her. <hes> let me back up. A guy named peter blake who is one of our writers on house said hey. If you're going to go to this event you might be interested in going to a fundraiser for obama's mosaic descent people get roped into shit. I am not fan of your your. I'm a nerd. I am going with olivia wilde and she's my co worker does yeah but you you know he's gonna make an ask. Why don't you see what actually like in front of his donors. There's this breakfast of and he's doing in malibu. It's only two thousand five hundred bucks a plate by only leads. One of them are not going to happen because i can get you in for twenty five bucks as long as you don't eat any of the food i have immigrant parents who used to me right deal common yeah yeah that's definitely a fucking good meal if it's worth twenty four hundred seventy five dollar ever seen such breakfast all of which only made me cynical and i was like well of course this guy is just like everybody else and he's gonna be rich people breakfasts but at that breakfast he started talking about climate change and clearly clearly went off remarks and was calling people out for driving hummers two very popular at the time you know people seemed a little uncomfortable and i thought there you know there. There's no press here. <hes> this dude is clearly going off remarks. This is not what my polycyclic said people do right. You don't do this in front of your donors donors. Yeah that was morning. Event of you invited me to in the evening during the day. I you know i got my tacos and i read a bunch of nerdy policy stuff about climate change on his website site is policy papers and stuff it just a few weeks prior i had read an article about ethanol in foreign affairs magazine and it talked about how so ethanol can be made from all sorts of things but this talk about corn based ethanol and how if you use corn to create fuel it will drive up the price of corn in developing countries and people won't be able to feed themselves if they rely lie on corn as a staple so i was prepared. I was like i have read these articles. I am going to ask him a question. Oh we're going to be in a room full of actors and i'm gonna be the smart guy. This'll be awesome and i go to this event and it was very nice. He didn't make any speeches he just sort of worked the room and getting to know people and i i said the senator guy. I've got a question for you. I was at your thing this morning thinking about the hummers. That was very funny. <hes> sound like a reporter things morning. No i did not like uh-huh thing was fully avenue and i said <hes> and you know they say that your plan your policy planning talks about investing ethanol but you know <hes> corn based death-knell drives up the price of food for people in developing countries so at is your plan account for that and he looks at me and goes <hes> yeah i read that article in foreign affairs to mclane mclane is based on cellulosic ethanol so that you can use things like grass clippings and leaves to me as well lou rich a bridge to cellulosic ethanol was like oh <music> embarrassed check mate motherfucker yet. He is obviously you run on. Get us some white castle. Nasa even knew the article i read that wasn't on his campaigns website but i thought it was an interesting interaction then he'd said some things about the role that artists play in america and sort of said you know you guys give people an escape and i would love your help in making people's lives better substantively and he was asking for can you help me in a weekend of campaigning in iowa so myself olivia and an actually she's fantastic name <hes> meddling chicken walkway my favorite person she's also. I love mangla angling. She's so dope yeah. Kristen was on a show with her. She's the most she's so cool yeah so the three of us were non political surrogates a surrogate of somebody who speaks on behalf of a candidate candidate so that they can do a rally you can be in another state or another place in.

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