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See by the way that not even a oprah can be black panther black panther number one again at the box on her in terms not getting great review allow hall theatre was there was a am screening for a black 11 am in they're still crowds that are having a billion dollars this week as unbelievable ari well we're going to get a bunch of stuff on this morning on the show including we're going to do shannon's dirty which is on the way in just a couple of moments i know you've got recap from last night's iheartradio music award army carty be that's what we need to talk about artilery from last night and then i do have a story about katy perry in the in the courtroom this weekend a nine dropped dad the in that case with the convent she's buying it go crazy story i'll tell you about in the dirty how smarter eu is mojo in the morning's back either j we have to go back in chains were we give you a bunch of events that you tell us what year it happened this is the the prize pink tickets you're gonna win those if you know the year the return of the spice girls tour was one of the biggest tours of this year young people kukah and novel towns is just fantastic leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet work together in again this was not obviously titanic but it was a revolutionary road tracy and do love acts upon but i don't i hate you only remember that movie no an and magic does know is strict one now and the big size will give it away now now in the novel home what give route's all summer long was the big saw what year was this if you know it will set you up with those pink tickets good luck we would have big brain you have tell us when that stuff happen call us at eight four four mosiuoa live to tell us eight four four six six five five four eight from the staples traffic manager traffic check now channel nine five five twenty six twenty four clouds and spotty snow showers high thirty eight today traffic.

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