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The patriot dot com I also have to brag gone a guy by the name of Carl Hayden. once again his trusty has stepped up you know this Carl Hayden Trosch. is a testament to the life of this fascinating guy he he was a reporter he interviewed five presidents six first ladies he was a Pulitzer Prize nominee he was friends with Ernest Hemingway. in fact Carl Hayden was the first on the scene after having way took his own life. and but he he really cared about people in need. and he has a crush. and the the trustee has been sold amazingly kind and generous with things associated with the Mike Gallagher show and we got a tremendous donation on behalf of the up state warriors solutions in South Carolina maybe doing a broadcast from there thanks to the generosity of the Carl Hayden trust and then just like icing on the cake when the trustee and she's a wonderful lady I've spoken with her a few times she doesn't want to be identified she wants to all be about this remarkable guy Carl Hayden she. designated a twenty thousand dollar donation to Gallagher's heroes the fallen officer fund. and gosh that's so important these days when we have such challenges facing our law enforcement community. and so her enter the Carl Hayden trust thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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