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In the bringing up his character in this new show the keep bringing it up and they're real secretive about the scripts so they keep saying like there's a chance boje might be in this which would blow my fun filled with a long time ago yet because like three people that made the they died during filming doubt during postproduction while it yeah why because it was suborned knows like a curse everybody's well the lobby were really old but a lot of people died good plant twenty years ago was twenty five years in hanging on look look at my face but one of the chicks like there is like one famous girl on the woman in the in the show called the log lady it's like the one they always tom lower the lobbies miller should uh she filmed the scene and you can and she had the fuck and where they caught lichtenberger's now the fuck in the hospital doctors to hit her nose and i was like oh she's gonna die for sure and in the sky miguel ferrer arrows fuck and phenomenal agassi agassi whose director david landlady pledged or she's like woosh got this action thing goes jealousy williams aetna where you're is of us so what did this crazy school you are to explain this to me why are we doing this ever struggling to regular school here so i was in junior high in my parents it arizona no i will i was born in ray i was born in santa monica raised in san fernando valley um so yeah i was gonna die or for two three now i wanna tell you the i am not at all my phone is eight when i am to rely till i die okay notes so i i mean when a tiedye so i went to arm literally with a birdie stevens use much old it was like a a baseball summer camp.

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