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His winner here in st paul since winner the winter carnival is in full swing by tradition yes one upheavals right outside right outside my window there was a uh an incredibly loud ban while i was trying to work on a try but it was beautiful is amazing when a carnival in full swing uh there's a beautiful tradition here thumbing their nose at brutal whether that's making a serious attempt to kill you today today january thirty s there are shirtless people there are marching bands playing in the street kind makes an outsider such as myself wonder if alcohol might be involved visit many either way alcohol or no it's confusing for confused confusing when our overall with the iowa caucus just days away speaking of confusion donald trump is still leading in the polls still leading the polls and it seems that possibly the only way to slow down is to increase the education budget just an idea plus an idea i swear i understand precisely none of any of this folks number one i'm a musician number two i was home school and by homeschool i mean i played mandolin and read hardie boys books but i feel like it's been a confusing winner for all of us music he's eric that's what we need music is what we need it helps us make sense of things even if it only helps make the lack of sense sound better the father of bluegrass music himself mr bill monroe wrote a wonderful song called footprints in the snow footprints and snow people talk about how good old songs are made of three cords and the truth but the truth the truth can be complicated the truth itself is confusing and i think this song speaks to that the protagonists love interest dis on a shoeless walk through the snow yet the course features the couplet bless that happy day when he lost to bless that happy day.

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