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Honda and now to Christiane. Not only did Russell Westbrook tie Oscar Robertson for the most triple doubles of all time, the Washington Wizards were able to deliver in the win column and move up in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. It was with a 1 33 1 30 to victory over the Indiana Pacers in overtime. The wind for the Wiz propels them over the Pacers into ninth place. Westbrook finished with 33 points, 19 rebounds and 15 assists. Head coach Scott Brooks spoke postgame about his relationship with the superstar guard. I love coaching him. Coach him harder than probably people realize through now it's a lot of times it's one on one conversations or text messages or phone calls throughout the day and You will call him in. He will coach me too at times and tell me what the state what he sees. Brooks went on to talk about how with Westbrook and be on the back court. They can compete with anyone. You'll did leave the game early with a tweaked hamstring. He led the Wiz with 50 points in D. C. It was the capital's edging Philadelphia in OT 2 to 1 and in 11 innings up in the Bronx. The nationals losing to the Yankees, 4 to 3. I'm Christiane. W T o P. Sports. Thank you. Chris Coming up after traffic and weather, a Washington nationals broadcasters accused of sexual misconduct. It's 10 47. Hi. This is Elaine Mick, owner of Cabinet discounters. Whether.

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