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School. That's where i went to school. They gave me the the key to the gym and we'd go every tuesday night so dan showed up one night and i think he took for granted tade how hard it is to run full court up and down up and down up and down that many times after one game so literally he was i trying to shoot the ball from like the corners for like three are- at every time it was an airball every and i don't think he lasted very long. I think he might have tried to play a second game and then he just i'm outta here like get out of here. You guys just keep playing that. The only interaction playing any kind of game with dan is bring back painful memories for you poppy coaching dan not on no no a lotta no fun. There was a lot of fun at that time caution caution them you know but donna care more about his looks you know he used to wear headbands and it's that's right. You're those headbands eight. Come down. Get shit overtake a postcard valley here for study that either but <hes> you know i mean those were fun years anyhow you now <hes> but he he loosened he really all he does well. I think that's i. I mean again that his team was getting crushed. He was air balling three pointers in that one instance. I played a game with him and he's like. I'm out jumped in his ferrari or whatever the hell he was driving and then just left poppy. What was his worst sport. Is that it basketball. He <hes> he he never tried to play basketball with me. He played in baseball. He plays soccer. He played football and i think he's worse or was football. Why is that well because <hes> you know he wasn't fast and in football. You know you gotta be bold. You you want to run with the ball. You gotta be fast. You know he was never that fast right and you know he's <hes> he like contact. Either you know right you know. Baseball is baseball baseball. There's not much much contact in baseball and soccer. The you know <hes> a position he plays he plays midfielder. You don't really have to be you know that fast..

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