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Eating this morning, darling. Thank you for asking. I made a Snickers pie with homemade whipped cream snicker bits and milk chocolate that I made myself long. I sure did homemade crust. Mary berry recipe crossed. Yes. Did the whole thing. The whole thing. Tip detail from scratch is this chocolate pie. Okay. Now, I want to get to don's trip and Alexis you have the story of a dune marrying a hologram. Happened that happened you brought this up in the mini-me dirt alert, and I have to ask some questions some follow up some Barbara Walters. Follow up questions, you mentioned and your are Pok Mon expert on this program. I think that's fair to say. Yes. Right. Lex wouldn't you say that's probably a fair title for her. A live action Pokemon movie. Yes. It's coming out next summer. Okay. Cates called detective Pika chew. Lot of buzz on the internet about this. And it's not all positive people are a little bit horrified at what Pika chew looks like a little bit too realistic for their tastes. And most importantly to me. I I don't know why I miss this. I didn't realize I knew there was a movie coming. But I didn't know that Ryan Reynolds is doing the voice. It's not. It's it for me. It takes me out of the story. You know what? I mean. So you're thinking about is deadpool. Right. And I love Ryan Reynolds. I mean, he's van wilder. I think he's hilarious and great. But he's not Pika chew. You know what I mean? Okay. So there's going to be like Roger rabbit style. Where there's going to be live humans, and then there's going to be animated. Yeah. There's there's animated things. There's there's Pokemon nothing. Sorry. But you want to hear a little Ryan Reynolds voice. Like a little furry guy. SP could you? Yeah. Let's you understand me. What put down the stapler or I will electrocute you..

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