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Titus comes out here on wednesday titus is going to be your your partner on one shiny podcast is going to be here for about six weeks i think while you're here we should drive over and try to convince peppered and just give you guys a jet to they have co coaches in college yeah we can figure it out like a playercoach move for titus player cut could come back that you have any eligibility figure it out we'll figure it out caused best balls changing he could get back i for himself yet david shoemaker said could could taint titus do you think they could resurrect the peppered i hoops program absolutely i was targeted last week i think that we did that the tate your your forces combined you to shebib the new gm of the charlotte hornets o v with owners steph curry there you go this is great i listen to shannon podcast subscribe seat nab couch if she can win you march madness pool and then david shoemakers here host of the masked man show shower podcasts mass mansur mass man show i never understood how we decided your shows or podcasts at the title so harmonize the bill simmons podcast but he can easily could be the best cement show i don't where we're thinking he won last thing i am hosting the ringer nba show on monday which is today we had both of our hosts are flying back from boston so i am the emergency house if you want to hear basketball go over the ring nba show her albaba garrison has been on this podcast many times he's on osuntokun adjacent it's obscene just a very a whole bunch of people so check that out ringer nba show coming up david shoemaker and then a little bit later the two thousand thirteen oscars but first our friends from pearl jam.

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