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You were saying earlier four we i guess for all of sound like you're a big sports guy and it's like and football i'm a big football head and like like tonight and i think it's the national championship game i guess between michigan villanova now i'll watch that baseball season's too long i wait until they get into the playoffs i'm watching world series now as far as football goes hockey i don't dig groups out texas in a window ice back in back in stone ages so i'm not big on a hockey deal but football may in preseason but as soon as regular season starts i'm in so obviously you're big football guy right yeah do you live and die by specific team yeah i mean you know i'm jets fan now throw this so road at my dad does he's the one that saddled me with all these sad sack teams that i like no but i'm okay with different aspects of the gesture just seemed like man i thought you know what was it rex ryan rex ryan yeah probably hill onto him too long rigby offense coordinator obviously you know his dad is brother i mean great i'm not running now great football and a lot of success but just as a head coach sometimes it doesn't work but right now they're doing some interesting things over there yeah and so for me like who are you cheering for if you're jets fans and you've got knowing land and philly in the play offs i mean are you just sitting there like okay jetson in.

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