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Advocates the lobbyists and all the money behind them right i mean so so i'm i'm a viral immunologist and so my interest has been trying to you know work on at least scientific interest was in collaborating with a team of children's hospital philadelphia eventually you know invented a vaccine that was licensed in recommended for all children in this country in two thousand six so in that process i saw exactly how hard it was to make a vaccine to prove that it was safe and effective and at the same time i witness how easy it was too damn them and that there were groups out there who wanted to tell you that you know vaccines could cause autism your children ellen by the way we have you know these these supplements that can can make your autism go away it's just sort of this cottage industry of quackery that was was designed to try and promote products that had no chance of helping and worse you know the these these activists were trying to convince parents not to vaccinate their children and there there's not a year that goes by children's hospital philadelphia we don't we're we don't see a child admitted to the hospital the vaccine preventable disease because their parents made a choice not to vaccinate their child based on information they were getting from these these groups and the child has suffered and occasionally dies from these z's it's just hard to watch and so i decide started to try and get into the game to to to have my voice out there it just it's just gets you you you're trying to work through this very opec window to get good information into into the into the hands of people who can who can use it this book is beyond autism and mbacke scenes certainly but to your point that you just made here's an interview two dozen eight on cnn jenny mccarthy the former host of abc's the view insisting that her son's autism was caused by vaccinations here she responds to the assertion that children die from diseases that vaccines can help prevent or also dying from vaccinations evan evan my son died.

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