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The following message comes from our sponsor comcast the David Cohen Comcast Senior Executive Vice President helped launch their Internet essentials program and believes in the power of bringing the Internet to people without access. Eight eight years. We have been able to connect more than eight million low income Americans to the Internet and begun to make a difference in closing the digital divide and in getting people trained and comfortable with the Internet to learn more go to comcast corporation dot com slash Internet essentials. This message comes from. NPR Sponsor Vanguard Vanguard was founded on a simple but radical idea that an investment company can succeed because it puts investors. First I vanguard is client owned you own. Their funds and the Fund's own vanguard which means vanguard is built to ensure that your interests will be the priority together the vanguard thirty million investors are changing the way the world invests visit vanguard dot com or talk to your financial advisor to learn more. The today show was produced by Liza. Yeager Alex Goldmark is our supervising producer and Bryant. I sat at the show special. Thanks to Sebastian. More Rene Alma Link and Peter Wrestling also Bianca Jagger bonus for fact checking special thanks also to end fountain in and Alison Cocaine for chatting with us so much about their experience with sperm donation. If you're a family that uses donor and you want to send us pictures or videos or voice voice recordings of your kids tweet at US tags on instagram. Love to see him. We are at planet money or you can email us at NPR dot org. I'm Sarah I'm Alexi Horowitz Ghazi this is NPR. Thanks for listening. We actually trying to develop a method where women can not not just see the extended profiles and photos extended profiled pot also be toge- donor in a virtual way acted reality way so you can walk hand in hand on the beach or maybe even intercourse online. Oh my gosh I mean I can see the value of wanting to meet the person at least talk to them yeah..

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