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Right. Magic. Who would have been perfect, of course. Fuck all of that. Fuck logic. Also, John Cena, he's gonna be on the next episode of raw, is it? 20 two, something like that. But he's obviously returning. Yeah, I think it's two weeks from now, the 2017. You marked it on your calendar. Yeah, I did. I'm gonna drive to the radio 5 hours. Fuck it. Put it on my calendar, but I can't see it. Oh, hell. So the Wrestling Observer says there's been talk of having John Cena versus theory at SummerSlam in the U.S. with whoever wins gets Vince's asshole. Oh, wow. Well, will he even be U.S. champ? You would think Lashley's gonna squash his ass. Theory's like, I already got the baby oil, so. Yeah. Vince is like an arm. The special judge. No, it's not a pose offense. They're having a match. You fucking idiot? God damn it. Can I have a pose off first? Right. Fine, Vince. You fucking weirdo. Right. Any other rumors? I didn't have anything new. Well then it's trivia time. You're not working together. First to say it. That means Eric loses. First to say it wins. Sorry, Eric. I'm going to say it very quickly. Who are the only two men who have cashed in money in the bank on each other? Only two men. Oh. But it hits you. You're going to start screaming it. Hold on. This one cashed in on this one. This one cashed in on that one successfully. Oh, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. Oh. Suck it Andrew. Eric, damn. Wow. I thought you'd both yell at immediately. I really did. Those mind games usually worked on you. I am the smartest man alive. But who did it first? Seth, yeah. That is correct. Yes. Good job. I won your trivia strawberry. Yes. Yes. The second greatest ending to a WrestleMania of all time. Correct. The first being, of course, Hogan beating Andre. Yeah. All right, that's a show. No fan questions. Fan questions. Just trying to get out of fan questions. No, HBK for sure. What a surprise. Oh, you should have hit the Kyrie button. Yeah, right. Joe Guerrero, how long did it take them to hose down the gorilla position after Vince bottom left it all over? During the pose off. We already said it. But just of course. Jake baker does stand out, show up next week as Elias, or will it be Ezekiel in a really good fake beard and a million camera cuts. That sounds more likely. They just keep cutting so much. I'm still going with the video thing is a smart if they remember to do that. I don't think they're smart enough. It's gonna be for the prediction to be right down. Wait, CGI hologram. CGI hologram. Yeah. Nathan bane, I guess WWE was right about getting Jeff Hardy help also thank you for all the amazing content. You're all you're welcome. Thank you. And thank you for the support. Todd fricker, push fire Barry, root beer edition. So this is me. This is all me. I like root beer. But as much as me, hold on, say it before you tell me what the options are before you say it. A and W barks. And mug. Oh, IBC's not on there. Is the winner, but it's not on here. Then I don't know. Saint Arnold's isn't on there. I'm going to say nails is a nationwide. I know, but that is the best root beer. Okay, go. What's your answer for those three? You tell me. You're predicting my answer, right? Yeah, I wrote it down. So good. I'm going to squish, good. This is me, Eric. It's about me. You want trippy. You had to spotlight. It was just going to try to guess what yours are, but by all means go fucking Ed. Good. Since you're ready to go balls deep in rural, you write your prediction. I don't care about it now. I will go and get yelled at. You're nuts in Andrew ghost. All right, push a and W Barry mug and fire barks, okay? I'm down with that. Yeah. Have you been like a and W I thought you were gonna push barks. I thought you liked the fuck no. No. No. I was gonna say push. That is just the most common one available, but I don't like it. Have you been to like an a and W where they pour it like on tap? Oh, so good, it's good. Yeah, that's good. A and W and mug are really close for me. They are. Like, I love them both. Barks is way down there. But IBC is the best. Yeah. Well, and saint Arnold's at saint Arthur brewery is really awesome. They sell it in stores. They do, but it doesn't taste the same. Yeah, it's true. If you're ever in Houston, go to saint Arnold's brewery, get a glass of water. Just get root beer. And it's not an alcohol. And their beer is good. That's a regular. I have one of my VIPs at tuna doesn't drink, so he asks for saint Arnold root beer. So we always have it nice. I wonder if they do like small cakes of it. Andrew would just live there. Another one. Again, before when saint Arnold's, they've changed it since then, but you used to walk in to saint Arnold's. You would have to pay 20 bucks at the front. They give you four tokens for four beers. And if you went in and had to be 20 bucks, but then one time I went in and they were like 20 bucks, and I was like, I'm just gonna drink the root beer. And they're like, well, you have to pay 20 bucks. And I was like, well, I'm the designated driver. You tell me I have to drink, and they're like, all right. I went in and I drank root beer. Right. Brian, Brian, we discussed this a couple of weeks ago, but here we go. You're in a room with three 70 year olds who are trying to kill you. Every two minutes, oh, I'm sorry, every minute, two more 70 year olds enter. How long do you think you can survive? All right, so you could kill the demon 7 year olds. They're zombie 7 year olds. Right. But they don't have superpowers, super zombie powers. And if they bite you, you won't turn into a zombie. Okay. So three start in a room? Yeah. Every minute to more enter. I think I want to say who me or like any normal man. It's us. We're asking any of us. Like, 7 year olds forever punch. Yeah. But you get tired eventually. Yeah, eventually you just fall asleep and then they'll eat you. But before that, you're probably gonna like haymaker like a hundred of them. I could last three hours, I think. Sounds about right, but they're gonna start piling up. You start, where do you put this girl right? You start blocking the door. You go outside. With 7 year old bodies, you go outside, you throw them in the river behind you. Okay. But yeah, I mean, if you get surrounded, you pick up a corpse and swing it around. It's like, there's three of them, ring the bell. And then I have 50 seconds of just sitting there like stone cold. Like in the rumble. We're bring more. Bring more children from. If you punch a 7 year old, as hard as you can, they're in the face. They're out. They're out. I mean, you probably kill some of them. Yeah, right. This is a terrible question. How dare you? We want to kill 7 year olds. We should choose. If I have to. We shake the two, maybe like 14,.

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