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Still available so is there any sense of disappointment that they didn't end up getting one of those guys or is there confidence in the starters that they have a feeling that they would have ended up making some kind of commitment that they might regretted and long run yeah i think brewer fan now seen by an awful lot of kind of middle market freeagent starting pitching contract go relatively poorly going all the way back to jeff's coupon operandi wolf kyle loesch with another one they just got off moderate the matt garza contract and so aptly talked to a lot of these guys over the course of winner i think among the fan but if there was a pretty heavy feeling of all now here we go again looking at some of these guys i at a contract that might be lifted this part of the reason the brewers couldn't spend money three years from now up a with that said i am surprised that we got all the way through early both the way through the winter could of you mentioned the free agent market is still thoroughly open we have through the winter without the speak coming a thing um and without uh scott boris working is phone magic and calling marquette an as you and finding a contract for jake arrieta out of it the way he has with some of his other clients in the past so i think you know i wouldn't rule out the possibility that it still could happen but the brewers at the very least there publicly saying this is the team we have we're not out shopping we think we're done yet trying to make big deals and at present i think he kind of have to take them at face value for that and so it would be a little bit surprising to get all the way through this winter without adding a pitcher especially given all the money they spent than the outfield uh but it looks like that's the path we're headed down one is my son statistical sacks of the advanced era i guess is baseball metrics is dead wind ryan braun brandi you did he played about twothirds of the season as a third baseman is defensive run saved kim ads negatives thirty two and his uh his use e came as a negative 29 sir ryan prime when he was rookie.

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