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You know? No, no. Yeah, Yeah. Get real is own arrived, Mother guys, I even gave him a chance. That incredible power 105.1. I was cursed Way trip. 41 42. You know how bad at the after party Our window. 5.1 is your resource to find is the poor black owned businesses over the power within 51 FM that search for the business type in your zip code to locate black owned businesses in your area. B p r D one New York available everywhere the I Heart radio app Now number one for podcasting hour window. Fatboy won an I Heart radio station. The following program was pre recorded in 2020. Well, here we are way to week ends on the count down the top 20 song for the week with using this Lamar right from number 20 number one now about to take down the main guy like a mango. Begins with the breakfast club. What? Alice deejay envy. I'm Angela and I go by the name of Charlemagne to God. And welcome the weekend with the breakfast club. Hello? Yes, we can't then a 20 biggest joints in the country requested by you, and we got a special guest joining us this week. Steven Jackson and Matt Barnes from all of the smoke, podcast and show that's right. You can now catch the all the small podcast on the black affect podcast network on my heart radio, and you catch all the smoke on Showtime..

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